Sunday, March 2, 2008

tadinya buat uraian judul blog, cuma kpenuhan,, hiks hiks

intellectual people mostly become wiser than other one at their same age. But it doesn't exist to me. Always learn about maturity and immaturity also. I still taste the sweetest sugar and do really care about it. And sometimes the bitterness punch my stomach so hurt and it really brings me down. Heheh. But in the other side, sentivity which is one of intelectuality factor, is really really gue bangettt. I like to think a lot of things and I dont want to lose it, especially the brilliant and the dumbest one. So here's my blog.there will be a lot of silly things that written by the writer who-seems-to-be-intelectual just because she likes to read every headline on news paper and watch metro-tv sometimes... hohoh heheh
Aaaaah, that's me ya ?

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