Wednesday, January 28, 2009

best friends grown ups

just some picture of us
our friendship
the pure one

just some silly pictures
captured us
but has a deeper meaning
for me personally

always puts honesty
accepting and being accepted
no forget about take and give
no worry to be ourself

along our journey
looking for friend is the most easiest thing
but friendship seems so hard to find
even bestfriend, this is the most difficult

thanks God we've got bestfriend
somebody says "a friend in need is a friend indeed" I dunno what the meaning actually
somebody yelled " who need boyfriend when you have girlfriends beside you ! " it is right

OH YEAAAAH, A SILENT NIGHT, A BREAKING BODY OF MINE, A LAZINESS TO STUDY MATH,,, has made me soo poetic a moment ago, hohohohohooo.

ps : I need to take a photo with ninditaaa, numero uno super bestfriend. She is always busy doing her marching band lalalalalaaaa huh. sorry friend ;( but I miss u bestfriend, but actually it is a truth that marching band has taken your whole time. krik krik kriiiiiiik

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