Wednesday, January 28, 2009

resolutions part one


Actually, I've been planning to make a list of my resolutions for this year 2009. And I have been planning to write it down on my super to-do wall. unfortunately, what I did was just thinking thinking thinking, too many ideas stucked in my head, huhuhuh. and I wanna make my resolution lists as good as I can, systematic and includes some artsies. Soooo, rite now maybe i'll write one of the resolutions here, better than If I still thinking. fufufufuu. And the next posts of mine may be talks about those resolutions.

# Improving english.
re-write this blog with english, read more newsweeks, borrow readers digest from mommys office, write resumes of every movies I've just watched in this blog, take some quotations from songs then stick it here or on facebook, and other syalalalalas way

Oh no !!! it is 21.33 o'clock, well it's definitely not so OH-NO for a late-sleepers like me,,, hehehe. Condition talks, my body is breaking. After all things happened today. Me, geby, and alin went to si muka-bisa-ui's house, stopped straight in front of his house, weeelll, two blocks away siiih. heheee. It was so dag dig dug experience. With a soundtrack, me and geby's love song for this new year, I won't tell that AMAZING SONG AT THE MOMENT. Avoiding the effects that will happen because I'm going to make this blog go-public. Be careful of those eyes hehehe ;) SI MUKA UPH's and MUKA BISA UI's eyes heheheeeeeeeeeee

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