Saturday, February 14, 2009

accidental forget

have you really ever dreamed about you in your future ? Having a good job, almost perfect family, a husband that truly loved you, good children as you wished from now, and that kind of dreams ? well, I do. What I'm gonna talk now is, the detail. As you grow up, all of the details you captured for your future seems more blur. You started with dreaming all single things you wanna do in your daily life, the ways you wanna raise your children, kinds of healthy life you'll planned, will you stay beautiful, how rich you are, time you will use jilbab, will you take master or even doctoral degree, which city you will lived at, and eeeet ceteraaaaaaaaaa.

Then, as you grow up, be more mature, be a highscool student who shoul focusing in your study, these details get blur. You're faced the reality, normal life with un-out-of-the-box tipical of life. Me, personally, doesn't really like it. Because I,m focusing with my study, where will I go after graduate. I already set my plan, and trying so hard to get it right now. I'm busy with extra course and subjects at school, so there are no time for thinking the details.

ONE OF PRE-MATURE GIRL THINGS ! about all the details, keep it in your mind ! ;P

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