Saturday, February 7, 2009


Wihihii, this time is truly a good time to post a blog. Yeah, as you know, well, you ?? ok whatever,, I've something like a schedule, a calendar exactly. Made by myself, and i write aaalll the things to do on some day, such as ; doing chemistry homework, blogging, jogging, dvd-ing, creative day, and so on. Today is the schedule for blogging. What has made me happy is that I already have the motivation since morning to do this. Usually, I just ignore some of my todo lists that
sticked on my symbol-of-well organized to do wall. Hahaha, dunno, I've got some motivation to post blogs for this two days. Good laaah

what I wanna talk is, about my motivation that dipped down at this moment. I start thinking about profesionalism. There is no excuse on doing tasks, unlike the way we're accomplishing tasks on the school times. No excuse, big responsibility, but it is all paid. I once thinking about my dreams, to be a succesfull person. then I think about some position like manager. How do they manage all the things, resolve problems, communicate in the right way, lobby an important person, promote ideas, create some OUT OF THE BOXs, do everything, and lalalaaaa..... in short, they should take control of everything. With my problems right now, I am unaccidentally forgetting my dreams for a moment. And because some of my friends these recent days told me that we are women, no big deal of we put career not as our priority. Ok, it was right, and affect my way of thinking a bit. The result now is, seems like I'm losing motivation to be a successfull person.

Actually, not only by the reasons above, but also because my newest plan about where I will continue my study. I Hardly want to enroll the University of indonesia. I choose mass communication as my second choice on the UMB, SPMB or shalalaaa, as I have passion on political world & english rite now then dream about working on VOA as a news anchor or everything. News anchor is my new dream beside accountant. My pronounciation is way good than other indonesians (very sorry for this big narcism, seriously) amiiiiin, and I often see metro this morning and indonesia now. These shows are some of my favorites and of course I learned the intonation a lot. heheheeee. This is the provement on how TV and mommy influenced myself a lot. I began being a potato couch since I was a kid. Then I grew up as a person who are good at absorbing things, ang well-knowledged about everything on tv. And now, it makes the media become my way. Magazine, fashion, politic, showbiz, hollywod news, etc all my passions. So do mom. Mom has taught me english since I was a kid. English is so-my-life. I speak english maybe 15-20% a day, can be repeating the dialog or the news, read the english passage laoudly, talk with family, or even talk by myself just for practicing. This blog is also a provement, that I decided to write it in English. Using the right type of sentences in the right conditon is kinda pleasure.
Sooo, deciding to be a news anchor is not a bizzare thing to a TV-and English-person like me ;) hehee

Unfortunately, my passions for FEUI seems blur at this moment :(

COME ON CUT ! GO AND GET YOUR WAY THEN MAKE IT OUT OF THE BOX ! keep the motivation up !!!

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