Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Year resolutions

I know it is already not a new year, but I haven't state any resolutions yet. Thet resolutions just hanging around on my head, heheheee. And, as tomorrow is my 17th birthday, soo i choose to write the resolutions now in this blog, hehehee ;)

1. Make all of my Ibadah better, quantity and also quality, of course
2. mantain my english ability. Read english more, watch more, and also write more, hehehee
3. be able to drive the car. horrraaaaay, I'm gonna be seventeen by tomorrow ;)
4. be more neat, clean, tidy, and well organized

hihihiiii, maybe that's all for now, a lot of ideas stucked in my head about the details, about what I should do to make these resolutions happen, and blablabla

oh yaaa, the blog will be celebrating the anniversary by tomorrow also, heheheheeeeeee

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