Thursday, March 12, 2009

always be inspired so far...

Truthfully, I've been read some of my friend's blogs, or the friend of my friend's blogs, on my circle friends laaah. Some are dreadfully envious. With inspirational posts, correct language usage, their story, creativity and everything. Then I started thinking " Wow, this person is WoW."
Okay,okay,okay every single person surely has her/his very own uniqueness and quality which he/she even doesn't realize that. Then, there are another person who captured another-usual-person's uniqueness side. for example, I personally adore sasja's blog so much. She has a lot of vocabulary (more vocabs you know, you'll be able to more represent what you're gonna say). Then I told her about this on facebook. She said to me "kirain gak bakal ada yang bakal mo baca blog sampah kaya gitu' (kira2 begitulah katanya). Seeeeee ?

Back to topic, yeaaaah I envy to those owner of those amazing blogs. I mostly be inspired by other person. As I am genuinely a lazy and uncreative person, so I always need someone or something to keep the movitations of this big-dreamer-girl. So, I wish on my future, I could be someone who inspires other in a positive way. Inspire others to do something good, do something useful, and blahblahblah.

Sooo, these things unaccidentally urges me. Oh yaa besides read those blogs, I also browsed fashionesedaily and some kinda creative industry things. Wooow, It makes me 'ngilerrrr', shirts, bags, shoes. I really need to make money. Making money Making money Making money. But hooow ? As I still haven't found my real talent that can makes money. I still prefer accountancy, it's a kind of skill, in short, you'll get a career at least. But ??? helloooo, I'm still an eleventh-grader who absolutely need creativity and high motivity to make money. So I can buy those fashion items. Huaaaaah finally I woke up from a long time-unawareness of fashion, hahahaaaaa

-make it out of the box baby
xoxo cutsie ;)

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