Thursday, March 12, 2009


aaaaw Brownies !
something I wanna eat right now. MMMMMMMmmm. One of my favorite type of cake. I don't like layer cakes, too sour for my tongue. So do the brownies kukus, it's a bit layered, big Nay, too sour.hemmm
so I prefer the brownie biasa, wht's the name ? brownies panggang ! Bantet, but that's what I like. Gives me the sensation of a real chocolate, nyummmmyyyyy...

As always, my home doesn't provide yummy foods at the storage for this hungry at holiday girl. Mommy said because I have to 'ngemil' less and we have to be more efficient during the global economic crisis. Okay, not that hiperbolic, but almost right laaah

I'm dreaming of circle k's brownies right now zzzzzzz

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