Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Goody Moody ;) and some thoughts about CRITIC CRITICAL CRITICIZED, and blahblahblah ;)

Woohooooo ,it is totally once in a while that I'm really on a good mood to post a blog. Wahahahahahaaaaaa. A lot of things in my mind, needs to be 'published' here. Thanks to my beloved bestfriend nadia vetta who inspires me to post more blogs, thanks so much bro ( broo ???)

Yeah. I watched Kambing Jantan with classmate today. I love the movie ! the story, the artistic setting, all ! It reminds me to the blogpost of raditya dika who said bout anybody comment that this movie is totally different from the books, less funny, too much romanticsm, and blahblahblah. Come on people ! Could everyone just enjoy all that have been served ??? NAILA STOP STARTING SERIOS NAILA STOP STARTING SERIOUS NAILA STOP STARTING SERIOUS ! THAT'S HOW i COMMAND MYSELF HIHIHIII ;) TAKE IT LIGHT GIRL ! Back to topic, yeah, the mainpoint is, not on the people, but on me. I'm kind of people who can totally enjoy what I like. Before I realize this, I often think why lot of people always critisize something ??? It's so ok if the topic the criticized is about the politic, and other heavy topic (which I like too). Or it is their work that insist them to be critical then criticize everything.
Buuut, Lately I found lotta examples of people who seems too critical on something, in fact, it is unnecessary. Somebody critcize about javajazz festival that "jazznya sudah bercampur baur" and start losing the purity of jazz itself. For me personnaly, I don't like that kinda comment. Hello people, just enjoy what you've paid. The, about the kambing jantan movie, Oh My Gosh that movie is incredibly entertaining. Bloody hell about the less funny, too much romanticsm, and blah blah blah

Could people stop criticizing, commenting ?

Could people just ENJOY ???

Or am I a person who's too not critical and can accept everything without any complaint ?

No no no, I find it, I'm a type of person who enjoy, really enjoy what I like, what I appreciate, what I like too enjoy, what I love

Isn't it the real essence of entertainment is too be enjoyed ??? rite ???

And then, too much critics pulled that real essence down...

Back to the movie, wooow that was really funny, most of my friends didn't like the leading role actress, but I like. As I had read raditya dika's blogpost about this movie several times. I had saw the casts several times. So, it's just OK for me about all of their appearance on the movie. I love some parts, especially the climax and anticlimax,,, sooooo touchy mmmm and meaningful, huhuhuuuuu wahahahaaaaaaa

(soundtrack of the moment : Adhitya Sofyan-Adelaide Sky)
From the movie also, what a dreadfully nice song !!!

Oh yaaa, today I've become friends with people I want to be friend with on facebook. Wooooow, they accepted my friend request, BIG HORRRRAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY !!!!!
semoga kebaikan hati kalian dibalas ya oleh Allah SWT, amiiiiin. And hope you semakin keren a.k.a dreadfully cool yaa !!! hahahaha ;) senyum licik

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