Thursday, March 12, 2009


oh yeeeeah, I'm having a holiday today as the 3rd grader are having some kinda tryouts at school, rooms are being used. Soooo, here I am, not in a very bombastically beautiful morning, writing this blogpost. And I have planned for couple days ago, that today will gonna be a blogging day, hihihiiii. Oh yaaa, I've just finished eating bubur ayam as my breakfast ;p

Schedule for today :

rite now-write blog
09.15-take a bath and blahblahblah
09.40-back to laptop, write blog, browse something, blahblahblah
12.oo-eat or something
13.00-think about how to go to bta, haha
13.00/something-wait for papa pick me up for bta
20.oo-blog again maybe ???

-make it out of the box brooo
xoxo cut ;)

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