Friday, March 13, 2009


Started when yesterday when I was choosing which phot or images for this blog. Hmm, nothing special in my pictures. Or If I take aan images from shutterstock or gettyimages, I dont like embossed name, "shutterstock" or 'getty images, something like that. Definitely not a good images for your blog, not describable yourself huh ;O

Sooo, I googled, something that I good at ;p
Then, I finally found this amazing application, POLADROID ! It could makes your picture become like a polaroid-made picture, heheheeee. Wooow, it is really cool. I tried it, hmm why the result just ,,, brown-coloured ??? I dissapointed. So, I browsed the Youtube, searched how the way this application used. OOOOH, we have to wait for a little while then the picture will look like a polaroid photo. NICE ;)

here are the pictures :

what do you think ??? nice, huh ?

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