Sunday, March 8, 2009

those things this week


Well, this my blog was just having its 1st birthday last week, same day with mine, as I created this blog last year on my sixteen birthday. So, also happy birthday to me ;) nooooo it's tooo 'basi'(first indonesian vocab this year on this blog)

The big story I wanna share here is, Yesterday or the day before yesterday, I was going to java jazz festival 2009. This is my second javajazz so far. OH DAMN I LOVE IT ! But to be honest, i feel too lazy to share it way too detail here, too lazy.

JASON MRAZ was incredibly fantastic ! although I was standing among kind-of-annoying-because-it's-a-concert people. And I'm short. And a person in front of me were busy takin picture of that awesome Mr. A-Z and it blocked my sight from Mr. A-Z ;( Truthfully, I was tired
"mendongak" and "menjijit" all the concert long, even from the very start of the show. But still, I couldn't resist the charm of JASON MRAAAZ !!! aaaaaaaaaa I wanna marry with him ;p

Besides Jason, I watched some Indian instrumental group,Humania, Matt Bianco, and new york voices and Ron King Big Band. AAAAAAW HUMANIA ! Yes, one of group that I often saw on my childhood times. But, I didn't think how jazzy they were. But, it was another fantasti from javajazz this year ! The personil that I adore when I was a child because of his good looks ( come on ! what can a toddler see from an adult boy band ), was not that charming as I saw long back then. The charm has moved into the vocalist, hahahaaaa. I feel so it's-a-no to write the name hahahaaa. I've been googling him all day long and now I'm feeling 'full' enough to talk about him, hahahaaaaa. I'm a re-new big fan of Humania, heheheeeee. Oh yeah, I watched their performance from the beginning to and. I LOVED IT, and me and vetta found it hard to move to Matt Bianco's, as the clock showed 23.00 which meant that was Matt Bianco's time.

Then, me and vetta moved into Matt Bianco's. Because we already felt tired enough, so watching his perform from the tribune, not from the festival, was a totally right choice. We enjoyed it too much ! That was the art of javajazz festival, you can sit when you find the spot is full enough, and enjoy the show with your on way. We sat on the balcon, then sat on the floor, with the hand and head sticked on the balcon, meant that we reaaaally tired. What an ambience, feels like you are about to go to sleep, with the sight of a jazz concert in front of you. THIS IS THE ART.
Then we moved into the tribune seat, take a sit wherever we wanted, and sit however we wanted, while still enjoying the performance.

After that, yeaaah, vetta and sis bought merchandise, I waited for them, took a walk by myself, looked into the schedule and OH ! Had the performance af ron king big band and lalalaaaaa just end ????? Sooooo, I went to assembly hall 3, with the fell of soome hope ? Thank God, it had not finished yet, weeeewwww, that was so cool. Nice performance from the New York Voices and Ron King Big Band. I am always searching for the another kind of jazz(in fact, the real jazz) in this festival. Smooth jazz,,, mmm actually it was not that smooth, but soooo jazzy,,, wew I love it. And I saw Peter Gontha, successfull bussinessman behind this festival, took a seat beside the sound system, sat on the carpet, smoked, had a can of sponsor softdrink in front of him, and talked to a man beside him. WEEEW, HE'S THE BOSS ! But he looked too down to earth, I quitely sure people who crossed along him wouldn't recognize the usual-man they passed is the boss ! the big boss ! wooow. He looks young with his bald, didn't look as a sixty. Hahahaaa I know his age because this all day long, well yesterday. I've been googling about him, his daughter who's in charge for this festival, the oom-charming vocalist of that group I mentioned before, the schedule for today and tomorrow, reviews on jason mraz performance, and other things about this festival. Hahahaaaa, as I always googling so hard about what I'm curious at the moment, and detail !

Overall, this festivalis so totally incredibly dreadfully (any vocab more ? ) AWESOME. I LOVED IT SOOOOOO MMMMMMUUUUAAAAACH ;p I learned so many things also, as I am a condition observer. The big lesson is : NETWORKING. How to make networks, and I see thousand of people met their friends, relatives, and so on last night. And from the result of my googling today, it said on the web that the key of success from peter gontha are his outgoing personality, "pergaulan" or networking(same with what my dad says), and oooooother keys. Everybody must haves negative sides, but we can also took just the positive ones, rite ???

Truthfully, today a.k.a yesterday I felt soo lazy to share this story, but, reviewing javajazz festival on your blog is some kind of a must, for me personally. And horrraaaaay I finally wrote it, hahahahaaaiiiii

ps : I met Jose Fernando. Another lesson, I always get what I want on the "basi" time. Means that I get it at the time when I don't wan't it anymore, even become forget about it. Another example : my hairstyle after a haircut on my birthday last week, kinda dissapointed me at first, but weeew, now it looks quite a fantastic bob, as I wanted 2 year ago ;)

It reminds of of who I really are (big really?)
and what kind of things I really wanna do ;)

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