Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chicken soups for the romantic soul and eye and ear and mind and heart

I'm just needing... and drooling over for this kind of movies for the rest of this a-week-long-holiday-related-to-the-3rd graders-exams
not only this

but also :

there is no other screen couple like Meg and Tom
(ok, Billy Crystal on When Harry met Sally is exceptional)
who could serve you the melty melty romantic taste of love (bad vocabs -_- sigh) better
And those settings, New York City, Seattle (aaww,,,my fave cities in the US)
which is like a chicken soup for your eyes

These everlasting romantic-comedy movies will spoil our eyes, ears,soul, mind, and heart

And I'm currently on the big mood for it

Enjoy it, with love ;)

(credits : and somebodies blogs)

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