Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cool ways to spend your holiday

Okay, let ourself go from any mainstream way that everybody-always-do. Especially in a week holiday. I don't say that read good novels, sleep all day long, go to the mall are literally some of that category. But, If we could make it way cooler, why not ?

and these are some ideas, have been stucked in mymind for the past 2 days :

- watch french movies. Well, the french movie festival is being held rite now at fx plaza and grand Indonesia. Undoubtly, those movies must be sooo artsy and qualified, not that cheesy I've always watched, hahahaaa. Let's go artsy by the waaay

- attend some photography exhibition. Yeaaah, go to the mall, wear "the appropriate" clothes, go with your bestfriend a.k.a partner in crime, take some photos for the proof of your 'unmainstream soul' and enjoy the art itself. better than just go to the bookstore isn't it ?

- collect fancy and cute pictures from the internet, print it, then stick it to the appropriate location. Maybe you can make any fancy artsy collage by mix them all up.

- go to the inacraft. Yeaaah horraaay inacraft, That is what I've been planning for for about two weeks ago. Inacraft is kind of the biggest Indonesian handicraft and ethnic stuff exhibiton. I had read some blog reviews, it says that there are a lot of batik there, also handicrafts, utensils, ethnic home decoration, etc with variable prices. For me, attending this could be a proof of how high my nationalism is, hehehehee. As a youngsters, we have to take part, take action, of saving our heritage. And attending inacraft, buying those cute bangles, neklaces, earrings, batik stuff made from our own country could be one of the ways ;) for more info, visit this.

- have a driving lessons ! Ok, maybe this is my personal plan. Actually, it is an usual and normal thing, not that supercool. But for me, this is a big plan, I have to be able to drive a car as soon as possible. Amiiiiiin Ya Allah

What more ? I'll think soon ;)

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