Thursday, April 16, 2009

Every boy's got one

Hello holla so alooohaaa...
Naila is about to have a week holiday. And she had just borrowed a book from her school's library. She had planned that she would brought a book for fulfilling the holiday, and it had it to be in English ! Yeeahh. in order to practice more her english ability, hihihihihiiiii

and this is the picture of the book she had just borrowed :

In short, the story is about a woman and a man. Met in a duty free shop, didn't get a nice first impression, and the fact is, they had to be together. As their bestfriend will have an eloping wedding in Italy. And the story goes that their friend canceled their plan, so this too-different two persons has to work together in group, in the middle of their unconnected-personality, to save each bestfriend's wedding.

So now, Naila is anout to read it, InsyaAllah she will write the review by next week ;)
Hmm, she had read a few pages so far, started get the point, simply got the plot and the feel hmmm,,, but she haven't found the suitable actor or actresses for teh roles. Hope she will get it as sson as possible ;) hmmm, this is going to be a nice book, she thinks;)

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