Monday, April 20, 2009

holiday story

Whuoooowhh, It's freaking hot here, the weather seems unfriendly currently ;(

Ok, today is officially the first day of the-a-week-holiday-because-the 3rd grader-are having-the national exams. Demi, one of my favorite old folk, came to play at my house. Actually, we planned to have the driving lessons together. Unfortunately, she forgot that she had planned a trip to puncak with her classmates, so we could not take the driving lessons at the moment.

But the day was going nice afterall. We watched dvd's while browsed the internet looking for her friend's blogs. We choosed superhero movie first, as demi told that the choice was up to me. I always love "blablabla movie titled" movie, such as scary movie, epic movie, date movie. Yeaah, not all of those are originally-funny, though. But, as I couldn't find the romantic comedy movie as I wanted to see before, this movie had to be the best choice. Then we watched it. Actually, I don't really know what are the movies adapted to this movie. It must be funnier if I know what those movies are.

Felt bored with the movie, we changed into a korean movie. The title is "do re mi fa so la si do" and it was about a love triangle. Demi seems enjoyed watching it so much, while I more concentrated with my browsing. Too bad that I'm always unable to concentrate watching dvd's in my living room. yeaaah, too much ventilating system in my second floor so it influences a lot.

And of course, we chatted and shared gossips, hahahahahaaa. That's what girls always do, rite ?

Oh yaa, we also took some silly pictures :

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