Monday, April 13, 2009


Dear twitter...oh my sweety tweety lovey dovey twitter, I love you badly at this moment. Though I always just staring at your homepage, letting myself confused of what to do, reading that reports from celebs, that unknown companies, and others. And I can't deny the fact that you've helped me reuniting with my "worlds", I mean those hollywood celebs, gossips, yeaaah I've accidentally left it since I was in hmmm senior high... I feel happy of course. Where plurk has become soo egoistic, you can stand beside me, accompany me with my boredoms looking plurk which has become sooo crowded and egoistic. I find it that there's no enough space for myself and maybe other fellas, for expressing, exploring, chitchatting, sharing secrets, and other lalalaaas. I'm sick of those who make this public areas into 'their' areas. In fact, I did and still do so... helloooo ? Sigh.

Plurk had moved people's everyday school-chitchats place from school into the webworld. Boring ? yeaaah. That's why I love twitter more, a bit more personal, because who cares about our happiness, sadness, stories ? those celebs ? absolutely no. So, no matter how many people have been following you or you've followed, you can still be yours in the world of ignorance (that we wished to have before).

In conclusion, for me, making a twitter account is not literally for showing your existence or builting your image to those people. I lately realized that, It's about how you express your mood, thoughts, and feelings in a more private area, how you get yourself escaped for a while from a 'seclusion room,' and how you connected again with what your "things." Well, sometimes crowdness is not 100%ly my thing, better if you have your own time *.*

Hopefully, twitter won't be hip in the community*.* Just... keep it private
more exclusive means more ignorance means more privacy

come on people, stop moving your schoolchats into other medias. It's soooo boring. Otherwise, you really-really want to actualize yourself with something new, something more, something different.


cellini.k said...

hey aku jd ada twitter, apa twitter km? ntr aku follow ;)

Miss N said...
follow yaaa ;) thankyouu