Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well, this is Thursday and everything went so-so, but I still feel thankful to Allah SWT for what I've received so far. Nothing important at school, it finished at 12.00 without any clear reasons why. What I enjoyed so much is, the Smallvile book that I had borrowed from the library a couple days ago. It is one of the book series of Smallvile, a tv series about Clark Kent, the Superman, in his teen period. The novel is quite interesting for me. As I catogerized my self as a low-caste-book reader, heheheeee. Big heavy book with oh-so imaginative plots is not really my favorite. Huh, being a bookworm is not forever geekish, I finally realized ;)

Ok, here's the bad stories

And it is so deperssing. I'm sad, I miss my retainer so much.Ok, I confess that I used to use that rarely, and now I totally regret it.

Last week, I had a full week holiday. And I comitted to use my sawtooth that whole week. About friday or saturday, I woke up around 7 o'clock and was teased by the food served by my maid for breakfast. So, I opened my sawtooth and putted it on a sheet of tissue. And I forgot it for almost 5 days. I forgot to take it back to its place and wash it. I realized this by last tuesday when I was going to use it. When I found the sawtooth was not on its place, then I realized that it had been almost five days. Oh no, Oh My God. I felt worried. How come I become sooooo teledor. I thought I've changed and grown a lot. I thought I'd become more mature and discipline. And I false. Some things about myself is still going stganant.

A quote from one of my friend's blog is right " things are precious when we have lose it." Never ever I imagined that losing just a sawtooth could be this heartbreaking. Mom, who is always been warned me about my teledorness, my undisclined behaviour,
(wrote on friday a.k.a today, May 1st 2009)and other my et ceteras; is totally right.

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