Saturday, April 11, 2009

merely AIB's of classmates @ XI Alam 7

Here are some AIB photos of my classmates :

Drama Drama Drama ! A happy couple King Jepri And Queen Ohin from the Kingdom Tiongkok looks so happy. And Ooooh, we bet Ms. Alin the Javanese the evil/witch/mistress(sorry lin!) must be soo jealous with them. But don't worry, we have Naila the Acehnese angel who always making sure the safety and happiness of the kingdom. And we've got Vanya the dutchnese orphan to complete this drama. Does the presence of this orphan really make any sense ? The answer is YES ! We call it a nations-gathering drama then ;)

She's Nadhila. Our outgoing, funny, silly, and cheerful friend. Hanging out without her loud laugh would be such a booring meeting. This picture taken in my room when we were having videoclip shoot at my house. Vanya and I forced her to just put the cardigan off. Sounds OW OW OW yaaa? Would be provocative and sexy for the video, wasn't it ? Truthfully, I took this candidly. See how funny and silly she is !

What a love ! this photos prove that love can urge people to get themself suffered. Miss Gaby (sok kewren nulisnya) captured when she was telling us about her lover. Looked messy ? Absolutely. Love had urged her to cycling about 5 kilometres from Camar Road, Sector 3 Bintaro to Oh La La Cafe at sector 7. Accompanied by Ms. Zuraya, finally they safely arrived at the cafe with a "nyasar story" before. Cheeks became red, these exhausted people came along to to the cafe to me and Vanya. Enjoy this amazing expressions then ;p

Almunaduun Oh Almunaduun. Yes we love her ! She can't get angry. She loves being captured candidly by Riri. Oh sorry, semi-candidly I mean, as nadun always prepare herself first before she is taken candidly. Unlike those semi-candid photos of her. This photo is a surely candid photo, rite ? She combed her hair at that moment. We know we also love your exotic and sexy hair. So keep showin up your hair and let us candidly captured your photos more !

Hey yooouw, Finally we've got the gays (not guys) in da club yo yo yo, What's up dude ?
Sorry that was tooo machooo....
Ok, short story : We have the boys sit on the back side of the class. And the always do the gay thing. Ok, not all the gayish things, but Yosia also brought the "mesum" things. We'd better called them the backsiders blacklisters hahahaaaa. The group contains of : Abud Syarif
the furniture seller, Tubmez Mr. Metros, Yosia the "mesumest" the class (sure he will get great score in the reproduction test ???), Tengku Mr. Badly Sing it-out loud, Abdul Mr. Suddenly-weirdy, Luber the fart-but-smart, Yus the big broo, and others are a bit more normal ; Are; Rahmat; and ..... Oh I forget the the rest of them ! Sorry men ! theeeen, Is Mario Bill counted ???
(note : apabila ada strangers yang membaca yang ini, beneran gak ada maksud apa2. Just Kidding,intern things)

Whaddaya think people ???

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