Thursday, April 9, 2009

name for twitter

I was about to create an username for my twitter account. Don't you bored with same name in your every web accounts ? For me, nailscut has always been the best choice. Simple and describable. Something new could be nice, isn't it. I decided to use "little miss..." as my twitter username. But what adjective should I use for fillin the dotdotdot. Hmmm,,, It has to be "me". Then I asked my mom.

me : ma, describe me in one word
ma : (with serious expression) emotional
me : (back staring to the computer) aaaaa,,, it's hurts
ma : ya kaan ? bener kaaan ?
me : another ?
ma : unstable
me : another ?
rafi : kekanak-kanakan
ma : yes, childish


me (desperately) : ma, there any good ones ? ( with a sloppy face )
ma : smart
ma : responsible
ma : future oriented
ma : witty
ma : religious....eeee...

So,,Would it be , , ,
(ah, gak segitunya juga ah, niat beneer, gak cocok)

(seems dark and weirdy)

(sounds not good, besides; too "me")

littlemisssmart, littlemissresponsible
(norak and narsis -_-)

(ini apalagiii. too long ah)

Yes this is ! I found it ;)

(hmm, gimana ya ? not suitable for something "duniawi" like twitter, takuut)

me : ma, what's the meaning of witty ?
ma : cerdik

hmm, am I witty ? doesn't matter. Besides, it's my mom who told it. Oh yeeaaaah I remember, I think I'm witty enough, hahahahaaa. I'm seventeen and always thinking before doing before saying something. Analyze what will people do and create a punchback for what they'll do. If people do A, I'll do the punchback A which I've created before they do. So do for the B,C,D,E until Z things they'll do.
Something like that,,,

Yes, I used it. Besides again, littlemisswitty sounds good ;)

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