Friday, April 10, 2009

nightmare in the afternoon


I got a nightmare, when I was taking a nap, which means in the afternoon. It was about 3pm and I decided to go to my bedroom, mom gave me her old book about american idioms, so I wanted to read it during afternoon. Mom, rafi was sleeping, and Kemal were occupied playing the laptop (that's why Idecided to read at my room).
Ok, at room, I practice spoke a speech taken from an education brochure loudly, hehehe as I want to be a broadcaster. Throat gettin sore, I turned into the idioms/usage books. I noticed some idioms like :

-have got things going , If I'm not mistaken, means everything going smoothly/great. example : You've got things going with your assignment (you're doing good with your assignment). In Indonesia : berjalan dengan baik dan lancar
-et cetera, means I feel lazy to write down the another right now.

Felt sleepy, Then I fell asleep. Until ... maghrib !
During it, I've got a nightmare. It was about, me who seemed able to "memarkir" a car and then something happened (didn't just end by that, thakfully), my former home, and other things. Can't explain more,,, Better forget it, rite ?

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