Monday, April 6, 2009

pas-photo talk

Started this evening, when everebody at home was having their relaxing time. Mom, as usually, was sitting (or sleeping?) on the bench at family's room, while talking with si bibik. They were talkin about the election, kpu, blahblahblah, the complicated way to get the election card, and something like that lah....

Then I sat beside mom, then she started this conversation, not completely like the real conversation we did, but,,, I'll sure this will represent the mainpoint laaah

mom : kak, besok siapin pas foto buat ktp
kakak : yah kan gak ada ma, kok mendadak ma
mom : pake yang ada aja kak, kan yang diatas tv ada kak
kakak : yah mama, ini kan ktp. harus dibikin baru dong. Kok mendadak ma ? tau gitu kemaren
minggu kakak ke salon dulu trus bikin pas foto
mom : orang om ee yang barusan kasitau, mendadak juga...
kakak : yah harus besok ya ma ?
mom : coba tanya aja sama om ee...

When I was going to call Om Ee, my uncle who helps making the ktp, mom started showed up her cynical acts and words ,,,(sorry mom, but I love it kok ;)). Om Ee said that it shouldn't be collected by tommorrow kok. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, that was what he said to me.

kakak : kata om ee gak usah besok maa,
mom : gak usah bikin baru, pake aja yang diatas tv
kakak : yaaah, yang baru aja deh ma. nanti kk yang urus, bikin pas photo sendiri
mom : emang kk mo bikin dimana ??
kakak : di pinggir jalan juga ada...
mom : yaampun, kk ini kasaar banget yaa (dengan nada beratnya)
kakak : bukan mamaa,,, maksudnya jalan di pondok betung ituuu, kan banyak ma tukang pas

begitulah selanjutnya...

To be honest, I wish I said it way nicer to mom,,, but,,, yaaa begitulah. Is not it so basi to have your ID card photos taken from a year ago. Not actual you knooouuuuwwww,,,

Then, a little time later, on Kemal's room I said sorry to mom. She started speak ...........( I forget,still about the pasphoto). And begitulah selanjuutnya, things were going better when she came from kemal's door while I was studying. She asked me whether I was studying or not and I asked her whether she was going to open facebook or not. Then she played facebook, I studied english with her, with the "cinta fitri season 3" on tv tv turned on accompany us doing our activities. Then she felt sleepy-decided to take a sleer-so I took over the laptop and still browsing until right now. Including share and write this story ;p

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