Wednesday, April 22, 2009

VETCHY, a brand new adjective created by me

Two days ago, a.k.a a day before yesterday. Suddenly, I got an inspiration yeaah when I was doing the nature calls in the toilet (understand kan?).

Cllliiiing, the idea goes into my mind without any permission

What was that ??? Pretty silly

But I just found an ADJECTIVE ! And it was inspired from my best friend partner in crime. Nadia Vetta Hamid

Here it is :

VETCHY /'veci/ adj
low taste of humour.easily get laugh. often sighing.wishy-washy.sillyness.happy
created by : Cut Naila Febrininta

Vetchy is really hers. An adjective that describe her best. Various nickname maybe has always been given to her. Nad, vet, beti, beta beti, vechu, veha, betcha, etc. I always find it fun to create a new silly or awesome nickname for you hahahaa. So when I found this one, I felt proud of myself hahahaa...

Ha Ha Ha. Vettaaa vettaaa, If you know how your sillyness can be some inspiration for me. Yeah we know vetta is too silly, get laugh easily, and often be wishy-washy. Ok, veet this is my big present for you. I create a brand new adjective for you. Nice huh ???

Good idea :
for vetta : use this on your magazine whenever you find something vetchy about fashion stuff, as you're the editor in chief. Soon ;)
for her folk : use this whenever you find something vetchy in somebody's weird act. Ex : "ih lo vetchy banget sih" (because one of your friend become too silly all of a sudden).

Happy using ;p


Dea said...

"low taste of humor"
hahaha i totally agree with you :p

Pecch said...

kenapa fotonya yg iniiihh masih banyak yg lebih cantik ahuhuw :P btw, thanks for creating new adj based on my name and my personality of course :) mmuuaahhh