Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dynamism of the recent political ambience in Indonesia (comments,critics, corrections are terribly needed ;))

I Love politic. I do love politic. I do love to watch news about politic. Could say that politic is one of my big passion. However, writing about politic on this blog still been something that I refused to do. At least until this morning when I turned on the TV and watched the morning news.

What a fast progress. Less then a minute, I found out pak SBY is already choose Boediono, the Governor of BI, as his vice president candidate. Ok, maybe I was late to get this big information. But, What I think is " Oh, what a very dynamic progress"

If you didn't have much time to follow the progress so far, just let me tell you the whole progress which started after the electional vote finished :

- Pak SBY declared the criteria of the vice-president candidate he wants to be accompanied with. And one of the point sounds quite "provocative" maybe ???

- Democratic party seemed reluctant to built the coalition again with Golkar, as Golkar looked like begged Democratic so much. The rea
son might be according to the fact that pak JK had proclaimed himself as a presidential candidate for the next presidential election. And pak JK's movement looked like such a betrayal. At least that is how the common people took a point about this thing.

- Golkar kept theirself closer to PDIP, the flack party for the last 5 years at the parliament. So do the newbies, Gerindra and Hanura. (Sigh. say no to any "evilish,"

-When the " Teuku Umar Coalition-to-be" got hotter, Democratic and pak SBY took no action at all.

- It was good to hear the news that PKS party stated their support to Democratic party and SBY. And, hey, pak Amien
Rais was back. And his cameback seemed give such a good ambience for the Democratic's side. Pak Amien loudly stated that he and PAN party. would support the " Tim 9", SBY's and Democratic's side.

- Okay, then the Teuku Umar Group finally stated theirself as the " Big Coalition" with more supports from other parties that stated lost by the parliamentary threshold
. Oh noo, how confident they are ! On the other side, a split-up happened to PAN. Amien tent to be on Tim 9's side when Soetrisno Bachir tent to be on the Big Coalition's side. After that, Hatta Radjasa's name appeared into the surface as SBY's vice president-candidate.

- JK-Wiranto proclaimed themself as president and vice president candidate.

-PPP which was about to be on Big Coalition's side before, thankfully stated their support to Tim 9, yeaaaay ;)

- Last thing I heard, Democratic seemed " to be friend" again with PDIP. As we know for the last 5 years, they had never been in a same path.

-Ok, then the news came. SBY chose Boediono. And other parties such as PAN PKS PPP that firstly supported him, looked angry and about to built an " Alternative Coalition." they protested why should SBY chose Boediono. Suspiciously, this decision might be related to the fact about Democratic party that closer with PDIP

Not only PPP PKS PAN and PKB who don't agree with the decision, but also me. Me, as a newbie-voter and common citizen who still could not be able to take a wise, objective, and better point of view about those political things, inevitably still need others opinion. Yeah, other's OPINION.

An opinion. So far, I've decided my political views, my persceptive, my criteria for the presidential candidate, which candidate I'll vote, and reasons why do I choose them. And I'm quitely sure that every single person has their own views. thoughts. perspective, criteria, and reasons. That is a good thing. Difference is something that put highly in the Democratic world. But, as a human which was created with a brain, we obliged to think wisely. Then about these political things, such an usual thing for us, the new voters, to take perscpectives based on others opinions, judgements, claim, etc. Because, it sounds impossible for us, a wise human equipped with a brain, to conclude a thing without hearing and contemplating others thoughts.

It is so so okay to hear others opinion. Because helloooo, this is politic. You just can't judge something based on your knowledge and what only seen.

So, that what was happened this morning. Pas tau dari berita, bahwa SBY telah menunjuk Boediono sebagai cawapresnya, gw kaya agak kecewa. " Yah kok Boediono sih ?kurang greget ah."
Karena untuk masyarakat awam dan masyarakat banyak, mungkin nama mantan menkeu ini kurang familier, termasuk buat gw. Dimata gw, mungkin lebih baik SBY milih Sri Mulyani atau Hatta Radjasa, yang sama2 LOYAL dan andal. Karena dua nama ini cenderung lebih familier buat kita.
Then, my mom asked me " siapa kak cawapresnya SBY ?"
"Boediono ma, kok kaya mengecewakan ya ma"
" Oh dia bagus, ahli ekonomi. Kalo gitu mama pilih SBY aja"
" Cuma di pandangan kk sbg new voter/orang awam, kayanya kurang greget/populer aja........"

Tuh kan, dengan sedikit opini dari orang lain, sedikit banyak pendapat gw mulai berubah. Good choice lah, cukup berkompeten.

Masalahnya mungkin, seperti yg gw baca di okezone/ tadi, memilih cawapres itu perlu hitungan matematisnya, matematika politik. Harus dari parati politik, katanya. Oke mungkin si kandidat ini profesional, tetapi tetap saja.Seorang cawapres yang dipilih harus dari parpol koalisi, seorang profesional nanti bisa ditempatkan sebegai menteri, sebagai pembantu presiden. Seenggaknya begitulah yang gw kutip dari website tersebut.

Pada akhirnya, yang namanya politik itu tetap saja bertujuan untuk mencapai sebauh kekuasaan. Dan kekuasaan ini memang seharusnya dan seyogyanya digunakan SEBESAR-BESARNYA UNTUK KESEJAHTERAAN RAKYAT. itu esensi utamanya. itu tujuan utamanya.

Cuma kok, sepengelihatan gw dinamika politik sekarang2 ini bertujuan gak untuk esensi dasar yang gw sebutin diatas yaa ??? Kecenderungan dari satu sisi/koalisi untuk mendapatkan kekuasaan, kok udah gak keliatan tuh nilai atau tujuan luhurnya,,,,, ;/

Just pray to Allah S.W.T aja deh,,, to keep our nation away from any oknum2 yang seems "evilish"

Oh yaa, satu lagiii, gak selamanya segala IDEALISME dan esensi luhur itu harus mati ketika berhadapan dengan yang namanya REALITA. That's what youth generation hoped, prepared, exist, and wished for ;)

(sorry for every wrong and suudzon, credits :,man1solo,

With a big hope for a better change ;) ,

xoxo, Naila

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