Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Karena gak muat di kolom "komentar" living social di facebook

Hello fellas, blogwalkers, and blogfollowers ;) so, I just finished commented a vote on an application on facebook, again about political things. About who's presidential candidate you'll choose for this coming presidential election. This is the link if you wanna vote yours: ,,, And because the space was not big enough to my comment, I had to cut off some points and paragraph. So,I thought it would be better if I post it here eventhough the clock is already showing me that now is 4.38 pm in the morning ;p

Here it is :

I choose Pak SBY. Sometimes, choosing a leader is not forever about capability, goals, or educational backgrounds. For me, a leader means someone who could lead us to a better way in every aspects of our life. So he/she must have some really basic quality such as high integrity, piety, good morals, and of course a genuinely-pure good will ;) So far, I just see those quality from pak SBY.

In the other hand, I'm quitely sure that every single person has their own imperfection, so do Pak SBY and all of his competitors. However somebody's imperfection somehow doesn't literally make the others become way better and more capable than him/her. All we need to do first for choosing our leader is looking at some candidate's qualities, not looking at some candidate's lacks and imperfection because it really makes no sense. After you choose your candidate (yang bisa juga dari pilihan hati), then you can look at other candidate's lacks and imperfection in a way to make some wise and objective-comparison ;)

Besides, hohohohoooo,,,, we can't ignore the fact that most of the candidate just get bachelor and master degree even no degree at all while Pak SBY has reached a doctoral degree in agricultural economy. And also without putting down the power of dreams, we can't ignore the fact that his visions and misions is more objectively-realistic (as all of the Indonesians now has really tired with those promises and unrealistic expectations). And of course we can't escape from the fact that his capability no matter how bad or how good it is, has been proven for this last 5 years while we still cannot prove other candidate's capabilities exactly.

Talking about the third point above, we all know that the successes (not mention the unsuccessful)of this now government is often claimed by a lot of sides. Maybe, yes, the sucesses of this government is the results of the sinergistic works from all of the components, not just pak SBY. But, this is the prove of him as a leader. Yes the successes is not all about him, but he can lead his team (I mean the government in this context) succesfully so that this now government has reached a lot of successes.

Of course I don't forget about pak JK's big contribution, I really do. Pak JK's also good person, of course. But don't blame me and the other supporter of pak SBY if his mischievous acts lately have made us lose our respect and sympathy to him ;p

No hurt feelings by the way ;) I'm sure that not all of you agree with me. Every single person has their own criterias, judges, point of views, opinions, and thoughts. And I highly appreciate it, your own criterias, judges, point of views, opinions, and thoughts. I just hope we all do respond it wisely Because what ? hellooooo, this is what named a democracy ;) Thank God we are living in the democratic world where differences are such like sugar or the beauty essence of the democracy itself.

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