Thursday, May 14, 2009


After three days being a good and helathy girl by sleeping before 8 pm and wake up at 4am, finally I'm back, wihiiiw. Back to begadang. And this begadang time suddenly remind me about sports. Yeah I love sports too, I enjoy watching sports.

Inilah foto2 jagoan2 favorit gw di bidangnya masing2 ( quite disastrous for those who are drooling over for hotties) :

Novak Djokovic, tenis player
Coming from Serbia Montenegro as I remembered.
Damn hot with his sharp nose, arrogant face, but a killing smile.
First time I saw him : 2008 Australian Open
Yeah, Tennis is a sportsgame that I enjoyed most rather than football

Jenson Button, F1 racer
He's English and celebrates birthday every June 21st (haha hafal)
Terribly handsome with his undescribable inner aura and bright smile
First time I saw him : dunno
First time I totally realized his existence : 2005 Malaysian GP, he was still a racer on BAR Honda.A photos of him with girlfriend at that time, Louise Griffiths, at Malaysian GP preaparation. Both was smiling and looks happy.
Oh ya, Jenson has ever been visiting Jakarta on 2006, he already broke up with louise at that time.
Now he is racing for Brawn team.
Hmm, I also enjoyed Formula One. Doesn't mean I always follow the whole race since start to finish, kinda boring in the middle. But the cool-looked, ambience, and exclusivity that makes me always waiting for every race.

Okay then, how about football/soccer ? Of course I do like football, but not a maniac. C'mon, who doesn't like football ? almost everybody love football. However, a soccer match is kinda boring I think. I don't follow league, but I much follow big tournaments, such as Euro and World Cup.
And I aaaaaaaaaaaalways support E.N.G.L.A.N.D !!!!!
When it comes to England, you may call me a maniac then, hahahaaa. I support England National Team since 2002 Korea Japan World Cup.
Little speaking about 2002, yeah that year was a great for me. A year when I legally started my addiction about UK, British, union jacks, Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Madamme Tussauds, David;Victoria;Brooklyn Beckham, Michael Owen, et cetera.
Back to the soccer things, really, a match soccer is boring for me. Maybe that's why World Cup and Euro held once every 4 years, to keep us the temporary enjoyer from a big big boredom.

Too bad, England didn't make it to the last year Euro ;) that's why last year Euro cup didn't really thrill me.

Aaah, I wanna have cable-tv again. So that I can watch the tennis tournament that is held at the moment. What is it ? GTP, Monte Carlo, Spain, GP Masters, ????? Oh whatever


Cinta said...

Ohmygooood! I love novak djokovic, tapi kenapa fotonya kaya gay ya? hahaha btw nice post :-)

Miss N said...

ooh itu kan dia lagi fashion show-fashion show yg sebelum turnamen2 gituu. haha. iyasih rada gay gt fotonya