Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Again & again, bloggie world's boring issue : Boys Before Flowers -_-

Seriously ! after watching this I think I really should drop some thoughts here. Just a couple hours ago I posted a blogpost and there was some part about what I thought about Boys Before Flowers. It said that I really think that there's nothing special and I even feel lazy to watch more episodes. But, tadi gw iseng nonton and it was better, at least for me. I started enjoying the plots and also where the story is going. And if before I watched tonight episode I still couldn't pick up who's my favorite boy, finally I found mine ! Kim Bum, absolutely ;) and there's some part of tonight episodes when Yi Jung (Kim Bum's role) was riding 'angsa-angsaan' with Ga-eul, the main cast's best friend. They were kinda cute and I googled them a couple minutes ago.
Hmm honestly I don't really into the main couple, I'm kinda tired enough with Sanchai-Tomingse or their Japanese version of them. Jun Pyo is kinda handsome but emmm he can't steal my heart just like Shin or the husband from "Sweet 18" does and the girl is not cameragenic I think, her skinface is not really good and it really exposed on the drama. Oh yaaa, the one who plays Hua-Ce Lei's role he's just absolutely no no !!! One big thing that I noticed from this k-drama, the soundtracks are so much look alike princess hours's soundtrack. Maybe there are some that really same. Sooo it really reminds me the sweetness of princess hours too ;p

Oke, just let me share some thrilling pictures of Kim Bum, for all of you my blogger friends who are also Kim Bum's fan and Kim Bum & Ga Eul's fan (huh, I think I have to start familiarize myself again to write and spell those Korean names again, it sounds kinda awkward at first honestly,,) :


,,,zzz relax, I'm not starting tukulizing myself ! Just informed me soon whether you are satisfied with those picture or not, agree ???

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P.S.: baru hari ini gw sekeluarga kesampean nonton Slumdog Millionnaire, Dev Patel lucu juga, heheheeee ;p


tattaaiueo said...

he's so handsome. ah kim sang bum. kim sang bum. i love him!!!!!

Miss N said...

gak ganteng ah ta, cukup cute laah.

tattaaiueo said...

sangat cute. maaf tapi gue gila kalo ngeliat dia senyum.