Tuesday, June 16, 2009

current updates ;)

This time, I really really really should drop a bunch of words here. Now, here means the Ms. Word. Later, I’ll just copypaste itinto the blogger. I won’t allow more words and thoughts flying on my brain, no more. Well, for this last a week or two I’ve been thinking, finding, and contemplating a lot of words and thought that should’ve been written in my blog. But the fact was, I was just still thinking like “ oh, how could make this in English” as lately I think that write something in English is becoming way harder.
You know, my late posts are also contaminated with Bahasa. I felt like “ oooh, where’s my recent ability in English going ?” Not only the language ability problem, but also the here-come-my laziness-back problem. I lately don’t think that spend the midnight in front of the computer, transfer those words to the blog, don’t forget the existence of this current mosquitos attack due to the coming of “musim kemarau”,,, issss a good things to have…

Okayyyy, stop blabbering. Fyi, I’ve just watched three episodes of private practice season one. So,,, the conversations on that serial is kinda affecting my vocabulary and idioms using, and my ‘fluently’ of writing in English. Sooo, it’s kinda making me enjoy drop some words here without any stuck. Okay, now I’ll vomit some summaries of those words and thoughts I’ve been keeping for the past week or two :

- My dad is already home, horrraaay. So happy to have him here with us. He’s been in Banda Aceh for about 2,5 months, wooouuuuw. Some little stories when I was on the airport after waiting for him. Me, Kemal, mama, and papa were at the restaurant waiting for the food. And suddenly a taxi cab is firing, and it made some chaotic and panic among the people there. I’ll tell more about this,but the point is, this thing was making me think about “think and look at the different side” something that I’ve to admit that I rarely do.

- Sad story, Inyik is diagnosed that he gets a lymphoma cancer. This is a real sad story. He’s been hospitalized for about 2 weeks. My first visit was on Wednesday after pickin up papa from airport, then I went there again with mom on Friday morning, for all day long. On that day I knew that he is diagnosed about that cancer. But, nobody had told him that time. We kept that information from Inyik and finally the family informed him on last Sunday. At first I was like acting and pretending to be strong, and yes I was strong that time. I kept my tears so it didn’t down on my face. But, on Saturday after visiting him I was crying on the car, just letting go all the feelings, as mom said to show my feeling and cry. At that time also, I was thinking how grandpa would react when he is told that he gets that cancer, it’s kinda “sangat-sangat biking w sedih. I’ll always pray to Allah S.W.T wish that Allah will make inyik condition better seperti sedia kala.

- I feel pretty satisfied with my ujian blok 3 scores. I got pretty great 88 on physics, yihaaa 90 on civics and English, surprising 80 for math, and same thing’s going with other subject. I got 77,5 ; 80 ; and fake 88 for Japanese language because I didn’t care at all about it and I easily cheated on that exam. Bad scores happen on biology and chem, two subjects that lately I don’t really into…yeaaaaaah. Is counting the Ksp and stoikio really used in your daily life ???

- Now I’m looking into my not-really-super-at-this-moment-to-do-wall. I’m looking into the “target nabung 2009” with four goals which are “beli ipod, ke singapur, nabung jjf next year, and beli tas longchamp (sekunder).” Completed with “Bismillah” and “Amin Yaa Robbal Aalamiin.” It’s also said that I have to save Rp 1000 each day. Heeey, now is June which means the half of this year we’ve passed. So, no problem if we back contemplating to our own “new year 2009 resolutions” huh ? Althought my “target nabung 2009” is not really a new year resolutions, I think it’s better for me to start re-think about it and re-start making these dreams true, rite ?

- Last Tuesday, after having civics and French exams, I decided to go straight to home because a friend of mine who’s also always taking the bus no. 74 to home asking me to take 74 together to our home area. Because I thought there was nothing to do with my friend maybe, so I went home. I tried some old Korean dvd’s on this laptop, but most of them did not work. Just princess hours dvd which worked. While trying those Korean dvd’s, I took some crazy pictures, and I was happy at that time, enjoying my own free time, my alone time with Korean dramas memories. In fact, my fellas were going together to Blok M Plaza to watch Terminator, rame2 bgt pulaaa -_- hahahaaaa, but I didn’t feel “ yaaah sayang gw kilab duluan” as I really didn’t interested to the movie and the frequency of me getting along with my fellas wouldn’t be instantly fall down because of one absence, hahahaaa. Besides, did they even care if one personnel doesn’t come ? it’s such an usual condition, hahahaaaaaaa. I get along well with my classmates so far and I’ll miss them so much hahahaa. Oh a lot of lalalaaa do not sounds really well,,, ckckckkk. Oh yaaa, the crazy pictures which I took that Tuesday will be published too, heheheee ;)

- I’ve tried to watch Boys Before Flowers once on Indosiar, just one episodes so far. But I don’t find any fun from it. I think that kdrama is “biasa aja” and nothing special. So why do a lot of my blogger and plurker friends can’t stop talking about it ? Ah, I’ve read pretty much about this kdrama on my blogger friend. They love kim bum, jun pyo, min ho, and other who is him laaaah… why could boys before flower so special ??? I prefer princess hours more than boys before flowers. Ok, maybe I’ve been judging just from one episodes, maybe I should watch more episodes. But, how can I have the motivation to do so, if one episode is already making me have no more interest in it ??? Ok, I’ll just try, If only I don’t feel lazy.

- I’ll post some photos of my class. These days I always brought camera to class though I didn’t take a lot pictures. But, I still want to publish it here, hehehee ;)

Maybe, there’s all for now,,, I’ll post another blogpost if only I don’t feel lazy hahahaa. By the way holiday is coming so I really should blogging more and post and write and explore more especially about what I like ;)

Mmmmmmuuuuuaaaachhh ;)

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