Monday, July 6, 2009

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Like everybody else, presidential election has catched my attention hugely so far. Our everyday is always fulfilled with that topics, such as the DPT problems, the bad acts of every candidate's tim sukses, the debate, the 'nasty' advertising, the dialogues, et cetera. Unfortunately, we can't run from this too-muchs. Because no matter how nauseous this thing has become, we need it. Why ? because a good citizen should know better about what's happening with the election especially they should know and consider their choice wisely.

For me personally, I really enjoy this period. As a politic-freak, the increasing frequency of political debate and news have become something fun for me, just like hearing a new gossips from your girlfriend or just like watching an infotainment. As a new voter, I've got more and more and more knowledge about the candidates and the real political world and slowly it has driven me to be a more critical person ;) So then, I don't easily accept what every side said, much more contempleting, and much more questioning.

For example, I have decided which candidate I'll choose on the election. I choose pak SBY. From the start, I convinced myself not to believe that he's the perfect one, or blahblahblah. I believe that every single candidate has ther own pluses and minuses. This is what happened when firstly pak sby choose Boediono for the veice president candidate. My mom stated that she'll go for them, when I was just think on my mind "see later, see the progress". What about now ? Mom is more tend not to choose or to choose Jusuf Kalla. We surely couldn't ask for perfection for our next president. So, as the time goes by and the fact that sby's popularity and electability has decreased, I don't feel any dissapointment or whatever. At the end, choosing is about the job from your own deepest heart, let them choose let them work. No matter how hard you have given arguments and justification, no matter how bad your choose really is.

Now, let me talk about the debate. I always watch the presidential debates eventhough I didn't watch it completely. But I think I've got the points. And the more special is, these debates has changed the paradigm of my way of thinking, about the future. If all this time I kept thinking about what I want to be and work in this funky-company or that cool company. By that time I started thinking about the entrepreneurship because the candidate said that "perkembangan ekonomi kita naik bukan dari sektor wirausaha/bidang produktif (kalo gak salah), kita butuh menaikkan minat anak muda buat wirausaha, dll" And I start thinking "oh ya ya, they are right, If being an entrepreneur could helpmy country beside makes me a rich person, why should I want to be hired by these funky and cool company 100percantly ???" Besides, don't you think that hiring is more cooler than being hired ???

About my entrepreneurship big dream itself, these days I've been thinking about what area I'll be in ? of course the creative industry laaah, the industry that I loved most ;) don't ask me about the agricultural sector, energy, and etc, in my opinion they are just not so cool ;p
And between my two passion which are politic and fashion industry, maybe I'll be more into fashion industry as politic for me is just for 'passion-and-entertainment-can-you-just-believe-that. So, the idea about built a " fashion consulting service and also about the financial tips" ahahaaaai. SO maybe I'll built this with my two besties Nindy and Nadia Vetta. Nindy, who has been showed her passion to be a designer, will be the designer or fashion stylist. And Vetta, who's really into the pure fashion thingies adn brands, will be the fashion stylist also and be the marketing manager. And me, who's into the fashion industry, will be taking the job about the fashion-meet-finance
tips, meeting cool industrypeople to make a good coonection (weheheee), and the financial manager maybe. About the more details, no noo, I won't tell more here, gak asik aja kalo udah punya ide bagus eeh tiba2 ada yang ngejiplak. Yekaaaannn ?

Well, that's it for today. So so so sorry for my bad and uncreative english yaa. It's been a long time I haven't use a lot of english on my post, because of my laziness during this holiday heheeeee ;)

Thanks for reading, if only you feel interested to read this, heheheee ;)

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