Thursday, July 16, 2009


not in a good mood to write a long describing story. I'm a typical of person who is always inspired. Oftenly, I do something that I've thought long time before, after somebody do it. Last holiday, which was just ended a couple days ago, I didn't get any inspiration or mood to do blogging. In fact, a lot of thoughts had swum on my mind. Oh so lalalalazy naila... I bet I will do something I've thought-but-still-too-lazy-to-do-it, after somebody do it in reality,,, let seee,,,, FYI, my grandpa's condition is getting worse :( about a month ago he was diagnosed that he got lymphoma cancer (If I'm not mistaken). Inyik, as we called him so, had done the first chemotherapy with less dosage because he's 75, but still the effects are soo dahsyat for him. For the blogwalkers, my blogfollowers, or anyone of you who view this blog. I would really appreciate you all if only you would mind to pray to Allah SWT for kesembuhan Inyik,,, Amiiin ya Allah

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