Saturday, August 8, 2009

College conversations always makes me cry

Last midnight, again, I had some talk with my parents about college, choices, and that stuff.
And just like it always happen : I can't stop crying

Untill this morning


Parents, are two persons who I decided not to argue with. Dont know why, everytime when I have a discussion with them, I can't ask myself to stop crying. Honestly, If I really have to argue with them, I already know what to say and know what the arguments are. I have my own point of view, I have dreams, I have my own thoughts, and so on. However, I still thinks that parents know best, and parents know the real life better. So everytime we have discussion, I always tend to be just " yes mom, yes dad", and have no argue with them. They said, it might be my friends (nindy : fashion design, Vetta : marketing) who influenced me to think about entering fisip lah, blablabla. They also said, maybe if I choose something promising, I will be able to shop a lot(just like my dream), buy my own laptop using my own money, etc. But, if you look into this post, you may conclude that I'm searching for more experience in the world I really want to be in, with degree in accounting and economics. The salary might be not as high as the engineer who lived in the secluded forest in Kalimantan, but THIS IS MY DREAM. Now, without proposing to be idealistic, if I have to choose those two question ;

I wanna be success
I wanna be super rich

Maybe, I'll be more into sentence one. Not that I'm not interested in money anymore, of course I am. I want to have a lot of money in my future so I can buy all of those branded bags and shoes, state-of-the art gadgets, and so on. But being a successful person in the field that I'm really interested in, now maybe is what I really want. Again, I tell you that I still want to be a rich person, who could travel to europe anytime she wants, who could collect MAC limited edition, who could afford the new edition of Channel purse, who could buy Louboutin heels in many colours, ; And it doesn't literally meant that I really want to go to secluded forest in Borneo, built a new building for people, and that stuff,,, to afford those Louboutin or Channel.

(gw bikin post ini dari tadi pagi, nulisnya keputus berkali-kali, dan sekarang jam 9an malem, gw menyadari kalo post ini agak sarkastik, karena tadi pagi gw masih kesel gitu sama bokap. Dan sekarang udah enggak,,, aduh agak guilty pressure nih )

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