Monday, September 28, 2009

Jren jreng jreeeeng finally SHE comes to the world,,, Bundle of Joy, Bundle of Joy, Bundle of Joy ;)

*Bundle of Joy,,,Bundle of Joy,,,Bundle of Joy,,,*

",,,finally a couple in Hollywood give their kid normal name,,,"

",,, Charlotte Grace is a nice name, it sounds good,,,"

",,,Congratulations to Sarah and Freddie who finally have a daughter after 7 years of marriage,,,"

",,,I should thank to Sarah and Freddie because they gave normal names to their daughter, unlike other bizzare baby names like Apple, Sparrow,,,"

",,,the family is over the moon, says a rep for the couple,,,"

",,,Sarah Michelle Gellar gave birth to Charlotte Grace Prinze last Saturday, after 7 years of marriage with Freddie Prinze Jr.,,,"

",,,can't wait to see the first picture of baby Charlotte, the baby inherits good genes from her parent,,,"
",,, a little Buffy, witing for photos of her playtime with Satyana (Alyson Hannigan's, Buffy co-star, daughter)


at least those are some of various comment people from around the world had given to the birth of the Prinze couple first daughter, Charlotte Grace Prinze. Yeah, this couple finally have a baby after 7 years of marriage. The news that officially publicized by said that Sarah gave birth on September 19th 2009.

It was September 23th. I was at my aceh family crib, sitting on the sofa while surfing via handphone, when suddenly a tweet surprised me. Said that It's a girl for Sarah Michelle Gellar, as I remember. Without no command, a group of butterflies directly dance on my stomach. I said to myself " Oh my God, it's been not that long since the last time I went surfing the internet, and suddenly the news had arrived this fast !!! " Honestly, I already had the feeling at first, some minutes before I opened the twitter,,, and yeah, the news really shocked and surprised me. Twitter has became the helper for the second time, first when mtv announced that the couple is expecting, then second when a tweet said that they already have a girl. Bravo for twitter,,, two thumbs up (clap) (clap) (clap)

Now, what every people around the world waiting for is,,, the first photo of baby Charlotte ! of course with her adorable parents. My prediction is right, that SMG will have a girl. From the photos of her pregnancy, I could easily conclude that she will have a girl. Because some people in Indonesia believe that If a woman looks more beautiful when she's pregnant, she will have baby girl. Not only by that fact, but also the shape of her belly. My mom, auntie, and a pregnant shop owner in Mangga dua once talked. As I remember, auntie said that the shop owner will have baby boy because her belly wa more oval-shaped. Which means that pear-shaped belly is a sign for baby girl. In this case, Sarah's belly looked so pear-shaped, that's why I predicted taht she will have a girl ;)

So, almost a week since I discovered the news, a lot of links I've clicked. from to celebritybabyblog (on people). It could be hundreds maybe, hahahaa. Boring ? nope. Although I always read the same story like " the family is over the moon says a rep, Charlotte Grace Prinze was born on Sepetember 19th, Sarah & Freddie met,,,, blablablaa ,,,," I always find it fun. Surfing more from another websites, surfing again to, reading the comments and congratulations via twitter and other web, reading the same story, looking back at their pictures. Seems like they are really sharing the happiness to the world.

Huuummpppffffh, now let's take a look back at one of my favorite quotes from and about this topic :

"When we do have children, my husband and I will have such a strong foundation because we've given our relationship time to grow," she said. "I try to go into everything with an open mind, but it's much more than I thought it would be. The partnership grows to such a different level. And all my life, it was just my mom and me, us against the world; so to let someone else in and to have another partner was hard for me. Now he's my partner, my best friend, and my husband." -Sarah Michelle Prinze told Access Hollywood

"I'm so very happy for her and Freddie. She's going to be an extraordinary mom. Good people make great parents." -Michelle Trachtenberg

Congrats for you both, Sarah and Freddie
;) big kiss and hug from Indonesia ;) And don't forget to call Naila whenever you need nanny for little Charlotte, heheheee,, Can't wait for becoming Charlotte Grace's nanny ;)

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