Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Proud to be Indonesian-Presidential inaugural-reminiscing a year ago @ DPR

Just some minutes ago, I finished watching the rerun of presidential inauguration from TVRI. Honestly, I've watched this a bit before from my friend's cellphone during the english class, hehehe.

I COULDN'T BE MORE PROUD AS AN INDONESIAN. To watch such a memorable ceremony, To hear our nationality anthem played, and especially to have great people standing in front of the sidang paripurna room.
For me, personally, Pak SBY today have steal our sympathy so much. I heard his speech scrupulously, mind every words he said, and let it permeates along my blood.

Maybe words are just words, which would be nothing without acts behind.
But we have to admit that sometimes, words can fix you, me.
Fix me from my distrust
Raise again my nationalism hormones in my body
With a very big admiration, I stared at the TV, looked up at what the cameramen shoot.
I looked at those prestigious sceneries, of that member of parliament, of our new president and vice president, former leaders of Indonesia, leader of Timor Leste which was tweeted as an "old handsome man" by a reporter from metro tv, alumni of my school also singer who's now is a member of the parliament, the room, and everything. I even can feel the ambience from my living room.

Actually, those sceneries brings me back to the memory of last year whan I was chosen by LIA to attend a-week program held by DPR-RI and Yayasan Kesejahteraan Anak Indonesia at Puncak and Gedung DPR-RI. At that program, we, the chosens, were become the members INDONESIAN YOUTH PARLIAMENT.
At puncak we have 2-day seminar about how to be the member of parliament and how to held a conference, because at the end of the program, the indonesian youth parliament will held a conference about environment.
Then three days later, the members were having such a great experience to have a tour on the kompleks gedung MPR-DPR RI. We visited the some of the conference room of each comission, we walked along the building from gedung nusantara 1 to gedung nusantara 3, we watched a conference of comission 11 with the ministry of education. That was suuuupeeeer exciting. And what very special for me, at least for right now, is when we visited the Ruang Sidang Paripurna.
The big room that used this morning for presidential inaugural. The room was so big. Blood of happines were flew in my body when the room was opened by the "tour guide". I love the political world, so this chance was a very memorable experience for me. So I took photos there, heard what the tourguide explain to us, he explain why the room is so hot, hahahaha. Ruang Sidang Paripurna is very hot when it is not used because the AC is turned off, hahahaa. However, sweats that permeate from my body was not a very big deal if compared to the excitement we had there.
So, the conference was held a few days later. The conference was opened by Bapak Muhaimin Iskandar, which is the vice chahttp://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=7370705204459660491irman of DPR RI also a politician from PKB. And the conference itself went successfully. Although I didn't really speak a lot and just become the part of a "fraksi", I still felt proud. Maybe, another member become the ministry of environment, chairman of the conference, sor the secretary, I still felt proud. At least I made the concept of the question that my "fraksi" will ask to the ministry. So, no matter how small my contribution is, I'm proudly still the part of PARLEMEN REMAJA INDONESIA ;)


Basically, the reason why I blog tonight is to write about politic, especially about the new government and the president-elect. Yeaaah, It's been so long since I write the blogpost about the election, heheheheee. If today I've reached my trust to our president back, the condition was almost 180 degrees different for the last few weeks. Starting when Taufik Kiemas was chosen to be the Chairman of MPR-RI after SBY and him seems closer lately. Maaaan come on, Taufik Kiemas is from PDIP, husband of Megawati. I don't know why, if I may not judge him, he seems inappropriate to be on that position. Then about the winning of Aburizal Bakrie on Musyawarah Nasional ( Munas ) Golkar. As far as I know, Ical (nickname of Aburizal Bakrie) is one of SBY's people. So maybe this winning could make Golkar closer to the government coalition, which means there will be no big party as an "oposisi" as now PDIP have seemingly 'reunited' with SBY's coalition. Some famous person whose twitter account I followed said that, the new government could be the " Orba Jilid 2" as now all of the groups is getting closer to SBY. And then, the people that SBY choose to fill the minister positions. Oh come on ! how on earth could Agung Laksono be the ministry of social welfare ! he's so politic person. How on earth could Hatta Rajasa be the coordinatir minister of economy ??? his background is petroleum engineering actually. So maybe he'll be more suitable if positioned in the ministry of energy and 'pertambangan'. Yeaaah at least for this next five years there will be no problem about money supply for Aliy* and Azim*, hatta rajasa's socialite daughter.,,, Sorry I could be so sensitive when it comes to socialite thingies, heheheee

This phenomenon firstly made me think that maybe this is the consequencey of using my political right. Maybe this is a part of taking lessons. It's okay, it's a part of learning.


Yeaaaah, that was how I think for this last few weeks until today, until our national anthem heared, until our new president gave his speech. Speech that recover my trust for him, that maybe all the unsatsifying things he has decided lately are just the way he leads. Just the way he pursue all his good will for this nation, for Indonesia. Amiiin Ya Allah

Now, let's support our new President and Vice President Pak SBY and Pak Boediono by supporting them, criticizing their decisions, and not being apatism about this country ;)

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