Thursday, November 19, 2009

quickie updates

Hwellooow, it's been almost a month since my last post. Big sorry for this y'all. Actually I've got a bunch of ideas as usually. However, the realization has always been the problem. Ideas has always been just stucked in my head. Why ? because I've always been so busy, now I'm even busier by the education thingies. I have courses every tuesday and thursday, I lately always study every evening, so I get tired easily. Well, that education thingies is not the only one reason of the absence of my writing activity lately. Honestly, I'm still satisfied with my latest updates which talks about politics and new government, heheheee ;p whatsoever if you call me a super narsistic person ;p

Yeah, the political things has been taking my attention for almost a month. I'm following the "Gecko and Crocodile" so much. I can't stop thinking why the KOMISI 3 DPR could be so contradictive with the public opinion. And the fact that PRESIDEN SBY, the one I used to choose on the election, could still be this silent after all the chaotic of this case. What the hell is he thinking about ??? I don't know what actually his motives are. I still can't figure it out. All I can't think until now is some negative thoughts

Well, I had a bta class today, learning about economy. The teacher talked a lot from the subject into the effects of every economic things. Like usually, the discussion ends up with complication. I'm asking you all, can you discuss something about one of may problems in this country without ending up with complication and relation with another problem ??? So it makes me think, all of these



okay, that was what I think last thursday. Today is sunday, morning. I hadn't finished my writing above because I was too tired to write beside my brothers was always asking me to stop playing and give the turn to them. So why now I finish that with a lot of dots ????
It is because this following days I've been learning that maybe something that we wrote could bring us to something bad. I mean, you could be sent to jail, you could be confrontated by a lot of people, and so on. And according to the fact that the topic I want to talk is not something light, I was planning to talk about the ideology. Okay, in Indonesia the Pancasila and UUD 1945 is the best we can have. That's all I can say for now. As you know, I'm kind of person who really hold our eastern tradition proudly ;p I don't really like liberalism applied in our country. See ?

Mmmmuaaach ;p

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