Saturday, December 12, 2009

Grey Gardens

I could clearly say that this week is such a vintage-week. Besides I went to pasar baru with my grandma and bought some cool vintage clothes there, at wednesday I watched a movie I bought at itc fatmawati the day before. The title is GREY GARDENS, starring Drew Barrymore. At first, I found it difficult to choose the movies I'll buy at the piracy dvd corner. Then this movie came up to be on of my choice. I was kinda curious with the movie poster, looks vintage and interesting ;) besides on the fact that I want to watch something different from "naila's favorite movie genre."

And it proved, the movie is sooo interesting. History, old era, good story, fashion, are still not enough to represent the movie. Visually ? eye catching. At the beginning my eyes were so spoiled by the amazing 30s outfits of young Little Edie a.k.a Drew Barrymore. Oh wait, have I told you the cast or the story ??? I'll tell you then, let me explain more about this fashion point. Little Edie was sooo fashionable and undeniably beautiful in her early age, also in her elderly although she's already bald at that age and using something like our jilbab ;) Really, this movie is so spoiling ! So do some movie reviews said about Little Edie's fashionable outfits. That is why the review even said that this is a FASHION MOVIE ;) yeah, I'm totally agree with this ;) even Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein had been inspired by her ;) you can googling more about this

Okay people, n
ow the story. You'd better read carefully : This HBO version of GREY GARDENS is a movie about the life and the filming of documentary movie about two relatives of first lady Jackie Kennedy, titled Grey Gardens too. "Big Edie" a.k.a Edith Bouvier Beale is Jackie Kennedy's aunt and "Little Edie" a.k.a Edith Beale is her first cousin. In the 1930s era, this Beale was like a rich one, part of the high society. Just like the "uppereastsiders" at that time. They move to summerhouse in East Hampton called Grey Gardens. This HBO version shows us the life of them with forward-backward plot. How the Eddies watch their documentary movie in 1973, back in the old years started in 1936 when little Edie was about to have her first Debutante, and so on until the plot meet at the end of the movie.

Little Edie was the gold girl at her young age, wanted to pursue her dream to be an actress by following his father to New York, had an affair with a married-bussinessman there, but finally back to Grey Gardens scrubs all of her dream because of heartbreak with the married man. As her happy life turns into bad, so do her hair turns out to be bald. FYI, Little Edie's hair is easily loss whenever she get stressed.

How about the Big Edie ? an eccentric rich woman. She's good at singing but marriage made her unable to pursue her dream. Grey Gardens was her soul. Then she had an, we could say, affair with a composer called Gould who oftenly came to Grey Gardens to teach and sing with the family. Mr. Beale then screwed up and chose to move to New York City, and live their own life. From that point, Big Edie's life turned worse.

As the life of Edies turns worse, so do their beautiful home turns horribly down-at-heel.

I also love the Jackie O presence in this movie. It's funny wondering how a fabulous former firstlady came to her childhood summerhouse talked to her relatives. Gives me a real explanation of the human-side of a high person ;)

One thing you have to noticed from this movie is the superb make up effects, two thumbs up ! clap clap clap. Maybe I'd better show you this :

See ? How "cadasss" the make up effect is ??? as the poster said
" true glamour never fades"

Oh ya, one thing more I love about this movie is the music ;) big Edie sings a lot in the movie, and there's a jazz song they sing titled " I won't dance." I have this song on my playlist before, so the movie had accidentally informed me that this song is such an ooooold song ;) You really really have to listen to the song and watch the movie ! highly recommended.

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