Thursday, January 14, 2010

quickie post

Aaaaah, quickie post ! also the first post on 2010

this is semester two
means that I have to study hard for feui and UAN, ignore internet
but now I am online
BTA today is sooo tiring, 3 sessions for a day, but I enjoyed it, quite fun
reached home, the rapat pansus was being aired on tv
however, this political thingie is not as crunchy as cicak buaya case
I didn't pay attention to the tv
I focus on the internet, on my new notebook (oh yaaa, I got it ! hp dm3, 13 inch, but uber cool with worth price)
search for freddie prinze jr's interview on regis kelly & jimmy fallon's, hope whether he was said a bit about charlotte grace or not ;p
felt quite excited when parent said that tina talisa is "terlalu seksi" dan "rendah" astajiiim astajiiim dosa gueeeeee ;(

grrrrrrrrrrrr ;p sorry for this trashy updates

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