Friday, February 26, 2010

follow friday & some madness

first of all, as I'm not really good in introduction, I'd better ask you all why should this titlled follow friday ? I dunno either, just putting on the thing Id like to do in friday ;p

Now, I'm kinda having some mad at my brotha, we just went form grandma house on depok. I'd better not explain it fully. So, when we reacher home, I took the notebook quickly, before he takes it and use it for flirting with his crush, and me the owner just sitting madly looking at him. SHIT.

Better now I've taken the notebook, blog this post, in my convenient room ;)

Follow Friday ! this is what I'd like to do in friday since the era of twitter came. Yeah twitter, and follow friday is a kind of trending topics which is used to appear every friday. Usually, a person reccomding their friends to their follower using this heashtag ( #FollowFriday ). In my tweet timeline ( which consist of almost 500 friends, public figures, and cool people ), groups of people who usually do the follow friday is the group of tv anchorse. From them, I know the purpose of FF itself. Now, the twitter, I loooooove this invention badly ! It's like fulfilling almost of my curiosity of people I adore, seems like we have some stronger bonding with those people, especially if you follow your favorite celebrity. Let's move back to the early 2000s now, when I hardly used to search some little news about my favorite public figure and used to imagine what they're doing rite now. What a technology ! me likes it sooo much ! oke intinya yang bikin gw bete adalah, orang yang udah ga capek2 mikirin untuk gimana nulis follow fridaynya malah ga dibales apa kek, thx kek, tq kek, oemjiiiii

Now, some about politics. As we know, every group of pansus century has made their point of view. Guite for surprising for the democratic group, the boss of the coalition, that if I'm not mistaken, more than fifty percent of the pansus member revealed the name. Name of people who took the responsibility about this case, SMI dan boediono. my comments ? errrr, I have no comments so far, but I really2 e joying the way politics in Indonesia brings entertainment to the media, it's even better than sinetron I think ;p

Hmmm, I think that's for now, I'm gonna browsing browsing tweeting tweeting stalking stalking mooooreee, heheheeeee

Oh Iyaaa, next minday InsyaAllah I'm gonna have my 18th birthday, it means that this blog will be having its 2nd birthday loh,,, heheheee ;p

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