Friday, April 30, 2010


Damn, lazy or no lazy I have to tell you about this :

RYAN HIGA replied my TWEEEET ;))))


He's the asian kid on youtube. He makes parodies on youtube, along with his friend, Sean whateverthenameis idunno. Try to write "nigahiga on the search box." They makes parodies about nerds, justing bieber, rihanna, and another things,,, and they are surely sooo f*cking funny just by showing proper expression in front of the camera. My friend, Risya has been tweeting and telling us about him for this entire week. Then I tried to watch him on youtube and wooowww : He looks alike MY KAK DOKTER FKUI SIMAK UI GW *---* dan taunya dulu gw udah pernah liat video dia yang parodinya rihanna. Because of my curiosity, I googled nigahiga and found out his name, Ryan Higa. Then eventually I found his twitter account ! I followed him and greeted him aaaaaand,,,,,, TADAAAA he replied my tweet saying "WUDDUP INDONESIA" !!!!!!! Wooow, he's the first international artist/man/celebrity/public figure who replied my tweet. Not so long after reading his tweet for me, I sms-ed Risya and she started mentioning me a countless times on twitter, like I told you before, she's the first who told me about nigahiga. Dan sampe sekarang si Risya masih lebih heboh daripada gw hahahaa, duh jadi berasa gw pacarnya Ryan Higa nih, hawhawhaw malyyuuu akuuuw -_-" (minta digamparrr)
This is what he said to me on twitter :

Ryan Higa TheRealRyanHiga @nailcuts wuddup indonesia!

And what's so cool about this thing is,,,, gw ngefans sama dia belom nyampe 24 jam kalo diitung dari sekarang ;p
, seperti biasa, I made mistakes. I know I'm hyperbolic, sometimes gak kenal waktu jadi malah ganggu mood orang. Annoyying secara tidak sengaja. Selain itu,


This is him :
Ryan Higa (right) Sean Whatever (right)

Woooohooooow *--------*


Anonymous said...

wohoooo! rock you ryan higa. love love love nigahiga! teehee

Miss N said...

pasti mbak riiis deeh ;p