Tuesday, April 20, 2010

here comes a tons of free day, story about a dream-o

G'morning peopleeeeeeeh ;p

Well, not that free. School things has technically finished : We've passed UAN, Ujian Praktek, and also UAS. If there's nothing to do at school, it literally means that a tons of free day is coming ahead. YEah, not that free. This time, is actually our struggling time. Struggling means that we must spend hours at bta in order to get accepted in our own dream university and major.
This is the 4th or 5th day of the free days, and unfortunately I've got nothing new habbit to explore. Like usually, free days for me means twitter, facebook, a lil bit blog, eat, sleep, stare, blank, et cetera. And I'm start getting bored with it. Actually and hosnestly, I'll have seleksi masuk unpad next saturday. Too bad, I'm still too lazy and still cannot contentrate because I've just found something really interesting (about one of my future job) on the internet and it has hundreds of pages so that I can't get enough of, heheeeheee. Curious about what it is ??? tell ya later. This morning, I woke up at 4, prayed, watched news for some minutes, prayed again, did the tweetviewing via handphone, and watch news again till now. 6 o'clock. So I've spent this 2 hours just for five usual activites. I thought I have to be a lil bit more productive. Actually, I had a good, nice, cute, exciting dream last night that made me waking up with a smile, ehehee. you may look at these tweet : So I decided to take my laptop, and started writing a blogpost about this

Ih kok seru ya mimpinyaa *---* tumben, waking up from a nice dream gak semembetekan biasanya ;)
If u're surrounded by ur fav things alldaylong, u'll hv a nice dream bout that, & be frustrate when u wake up bcoz tht dream is just a dream


Dreams, in this context I mean a dream that usually we get when we are sleeping, can be good, bad, nice, not nice, nothing special, so special, terrifically great, terrifically frightening, et cetera. As usual, we call a nice dream as a dream, a bad dream or the frightening one is a nightmare. From we were young, maybe some of us were taught to pray before sleeping so we will get a nice dream instead of nightmare.

Nice dream usually makes us happy, makes something impossible happens, even can make our wildest dream come true. That's why everybody, from kids to adults, love it.

A nightmare usually makes us frightened, makes something unwanted happened, and gives a scary feelings to us. So, nobody likes it. Even a mature adults, I'm quitely sure.

However, have you or another people think about the another effects of ever kind of dream ??? Let me explain
Nice dream. If we're drooling over for something you really want, wishing something, thinking about it all day long, night and day, the thing will fulfill our brain. Not rarely, we'll eventually get it, make it happened,,, in our dreams & imagination. Yeah, this thing is very often happened. Then when we're getting a nice dream about it, we would be damn fuckingly happy. Then what next ? what will be happenned when we wake up. In my opinion there will be two reactions. Feels so good or feels so annoyed. Positively, a nice dream will make you simply happy. It can makes us smile all day long when we've already woken up even makes everybody beside us looking at us strangely. Makes us happy and makes us smile means giving a good effect to our body. Then we can be energized to pursue everything we want by it. Negatively, a nice dream will make us ungrateful of what we've got in real life. For example, you'll be so annoyed realizing that your intimate meeting with your favorite celebrity crush is just a last night dream. So we'll be fuckin annoyed and frustrated when we wake up, and repeatedly sighing becuse that great dream is JUST a dream.Bad dream. A bad, scary, frightening dreams, however, I think it makes us grateful that we actually live on the real world. Makes us grateful and realived because the bad thing on the nightmare is not (or not yet) real, audzubillah min dzalik. You must have said "Thanks God, it was just a dream" everytime you get a nightmare. Then, you'll live your life with vigilance and a lot of thankfullnes to Allah SWT.

So ? do you agree with me so far ???


About last night dream ??? hahahaa. It was kinda a-meeting and greeting-with-your-favorite-movie typical of dreams. It was so nice, eheheee. Wish that I can make my dreams come true, have this job, so I can make thiss dream come true ;)

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