Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Yeah, not my lovelife story now. I'm so on the mood for blogging these days, as the holiday period is still looong loong lalalalaalaaaalong. This is the first day of june, last May I wrote about ten blogposts, quite frequent than months before. I've just arrived home from bank, opening my own bank account (as I will enter the college life and should start managing financial condition). Luckily for you ma blogwalkers, just like what I wrote on the first sentence, this post won't be related with my lovelife. That's why I'm writing in English again I'm gonna write something about international affairs. The current one. I'm gonna write about flotilla.

All of the information I am going to discuss rite now are based from news I got from twitter. So, I'm sorry if there are something wrong. Basically, the topic I'll discuss now is not my all-time-favorite. This is something related with Palestina-Israel conflicts, which I always choose not to watch to talk to discuss about. Not the topic that can makes my blood boiling easily. Not that I don't care about my fellow-Muslims there, but,,, just sorry this not used to be my favorite topic -_____-

Flotilla. About yesterday afternoon, I still had no idea what the heck flotilla is. I used to think taht flotilla is some kind of candy -___- All of the media-people, journalists, intellectuals whom I often see on tv tweeted about flotilla. Then they mention something about Gaza, Israel, etc. Ooooh then I got it. Flotilla is a mission from some group of people, volunteers, medical teams trying to help Gaza people from the Israeli's cruelty. By ship, these people are now trying to go through Israeli's blockade of the city. They haven't arrived yet. Unheartedly, the Israeli's attack this ship, two people killed and some people are still injured. This is totally wrong. I know a lot of girls admiring handsome Jews in Hollywood, but please, they are so evil.
Please, Flotilla is a humanitary aid, just like red cross. They may not be hurted !

Now the world condemn the Israelis. Barack Obama, the world nobel prize winner, is still in silence. What about us ? some people are doing demonstration in the Bundaran HI rite now (according to Fahira Idris tweets last night). Our government ? not much different from Mr. Obama, still in silence -____- Pleaseeee Mr Marty Handsome Natalegawa my favorite minister pleaaaaaase do something, at least please protect Indonesians who are in the mission. Please Please Pleaaaaase !!!

Okay, there's also something about twitter. Twitter, allegedly, has blocked people's tweet about #flotilla or something related with it to become one of the trending topic. Maybe it is something related with jews-domination-in-every-aspects-of-american-life. Everybody was angry ! Our country intellectuals, journalist, etc are also angry. They #flotilla all the times. Luckily in the evening, #flotilla reach its popularity by being one of the trending topics.

I think now this is all I can write, bad grammar, lack of vocabulary, huwaaaah, long time no post in English according to my-falling-in-love period -___-" World peace. Is it to hard to be true ??? Girls, just close your eyes everytime you see hot Jews in every movie ya ;p Okay, seriously, I hope all of the people in the Flotilla mission wil be just allright and stay safe ;) ~~~ I'm not really good talking about this, unlike Nadhila and Risya ;p (give comments yaa guys I mentioned ur name loh

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