Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Up in the air and Umb

Since 4th of june, I tell you, 4th of june, there has been a lot of thinking on my mind needs to be transfigurated into writings here in this blog. But as usual, I always feel lazy to do it. Okay, not that lazy, I'm just needing a perfect time and condusive condition to write these things.

Okay, now I want to write about a movie I watched yesterday. The title is Up in The Air. Maybe some of you have already heard about this movie, starred by George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, and Anna Kendrick.
The story is about a man named Richard Bingham whose job is firing people from a company to another company, around the United States. That's why he flies very frequently, only 43 days from 365 days a year he spends it on his home in Omaha, Nebraska. But he hates being at there. He loves his job instead. For him, the airport and the airplane is his home. That is also where he meet Alex, sort-of a frequent flyer to. Guessed, from there, they experience a relationship. How does it goes ? I won't tell ya here. I won't spill some spoiler. One day, Richard's boss gather all of these firing-er (idk what vocab to write) back to the office in Omaha. Oh no, I feel so lack of words, lemme copy paste it from : When his boss hires arrogant young Natalie, she develops a method of video conferencing that will allow termination without ever leaving the office - essentially threatening the existence Ryan so cherishes. Determined to show the naive girl the error of her logic, Ryan takes her on one of his cross country firing expeditions, but as she starts to realize the disheartening realities of her profession, he begins to see the downfalls to his way of life.

Yeah, I love this movie. During watching, my mind couldn't stop thinking about what words I shud use on this blog, how is my opinion about this, et cetera. I'm not a movie-reviewer. This blog is not a movie blog. And maybe people just can't see my point of view like the way I always figured out how can a movie viewer have their opinion. So I think I'll just give my own personal review about this movie :

~ I love how this movie shows a relationship between junior and senior. How the arrogant and naive you natalie with all of her new-firing-method is shown the real world by Richard. At first, I expected that Richard will have some love-relationship with Natalie instead of Alex. But as the story goes, I think this is okay that there's nothing between them.

~ I love how the way Richard and Alex 'acted' as Natalie's parents when Natalie's boyfriend told her that he wants to break-up, via phone. I started to like their role here.

~ I love the quotes, I'm gonna tell you the most memorable one for me :
Alex: you're so cool, Mr. Empty Backpack.
Ryan: you know about my backpack ?
Alex: I googled it. Ryan: you did ?
Alex: it's what us modern girl do when we have crush.

Hahahaa, you know why I love it so much laah ;p ~Overall, I think this movie gives us such a deep impression, eventhough in my personal opinion, it is not explicitely told. So, is this how an award-movie-typical should always be ? You feel flat during the movie, but unconsciously you're earning enjoyments and lessons bit by bit. What else ? dunno yet, one thing for sure, I LOVE IT. ~~~ Oh yaa, yesterday was also the announcement date of the UMB. Alhamdulillah some of my high school friends got accepted in ui. So glad to know it. Especially priscils whom I lend my amunitions (bta notes, GO-economy books, etc. Gonna post them later) to. She got accepted in FHUI. And Joan, my classmates, who finally made it to akuntansi FEUI after got accepted in FHUI via simak-UI. And some of my bta friends too. So happy for them ;))) I tweeted a lot last night, asking them, congratulating them, giving wise word to those who haven't been accepted yet. And now, while writing this, I'm also checking twitter, I hope these people will spread another good news becuse the USM ITB announcement is NOW. Some of them haven't opened it, they were panic, and their tweets sounds pesimistic. I warned them not to ! remembering my story when I was in a terrible panic reading everybody's tweets about their acceptance in UI. I cried a lot, telling my parents that that time, I can't lie anymore. Can't lie to myself that this is what I really want so I'll be very dissapointed If I don't get it. That moment was emotional. And the result was exhilarating,Alhamdulillah Ya Allah I got accepted. I was crying remembering this story and so I told them , about an hour ago, not to be PANIC !!!

So far, based on my friends tweets, there are already 5 bznbzl who got accepted in ITB. I hope the number will be bigger and bigger. Ya Allah, I feel so grateful for everything You've given to me and my firends, Alhamdulillah thank You Allah. And please give my friends the best university and please guide us to a better way, Your way, Amiiin Ya Allah Ya Robbal Aalamiiin ;))))))

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