Monday, August 23, 2010

Early UI life and OPK thingies

It takes such a big amount of hormones tonight that drives me to write this blogpost. My last post was about my plan to move to depok, gonna had haircut, and some gratitudes for my fellas who featured me on their blog. It was a day before I legally start my new-student activites at ui. Now I'm a girl with a fringe again, shorter hair but it's okay, and kinda enjoy this beginning of my univ life (hopefully this enjoyment could last until I graduated amiin Ya Allah).

I think there are zillion things to write. My life living with Andung and Taci at Depok, not attending plenty of paduan suara exercise because of opk feui thingie (the ospek), new friends, new surroundings, orientasi belajar mengajar UI (obm UI), and many more. However, one thing for sure : I'm gonna write about my OPK FEUI experience.

Yeah, OPK FEUI stands for Orientasi Pengenalan Kampus FEUI. This thing isn't a new for me, I used to directly google this word by the period I've just accepted in FEUI. I even had googled this thing by the time I still struggle for those university test. I read a lot of people's blog about this OPK, their experience, etc. And this activity seemed more meaningful and useful when I get the certainty that I'm gonna continue my study here in FEUI ;)

Hmm, I dunno where to start... So, I gathered for this OPK thingie for the first time at the 1st of August, then I found out that my group's name is Schultz, group number 15. I met my new friends : Ghea, Dea, Nia, Tere, Rosi, Nadya, Jennifer, Daus, Putera, Erick, Yasser, Adit. My group mentor is kak Diandra and kak Abe, they are so cool hahahaa. By that time, I also got a plenty tasks from news critic, future jobs, product innovation, Mahasiswa-Baru project, self identification, UKM research, country demographics thingie, and company profile. Wooosh it was a huge number, it was so high-leveled and I had to finished that in for about two weeks. We also had to make a complicated yet eyecatchy nametags and goodie bags for the d-day.

During this pre-opk days, me and my friends used to always gather at kosan Unica 26 Kutek, where Putera lived in. This kosan is uber-catchy I think it is real minimalist and nice. It has a spacious open-room/kitchen/dining room with wooden chairs and desk for the student to eat together, chitchat, and do their task. We made our project maba, ukm profiles, and nametags and goodie bags here. We even made the room so messy and I think we kinda make another students lived there disturbed hahahaaaa. Me and my Schultz friends also got to know each other more and more there, hahahaa. For example, we found out that the gaul-looked Daus is not that fussy as he si seen on twitter, hahahahaaa.

Our mentor was also very helpful. Kak Diandra often came to unica to help us or just to visit us and had some chitchats. Kak Abe is not as intense as Kak Diandra on checking, helping, and taking control of us, but trust me : this man is kinda funny hahahaaa, I mean, he seems smart, he could explain us then made us fully understand about product-life-cycle proscess with his two hands full of food and with his mouth busy with that food, hahahaaa ;p peace kak ;p Our mentor are also motivating, they gave spirit to finish that tasks and always answered our question everytime we got stucked and had no idea about that stuffs.

In this pre-opk period, I feel so actualized. i mean, Yeah, I was busy, I had no time to concentrate to the sinetrons I watch, I got home late and Taci mostly picked me up at evening, I'm fasting, I often catched bikun, I once wnet home by angkot, saw the Margonda road almost everyday, I did use my braiiin, the whole things was yes tiring ,,,, but it was meaningful and fun. I am where I want to be. Thanks Allah. This is the time that I ask myself not to whine anymore. I have an 'active' life. So active if it compared with my oh-so-dull the last 3 months of holiday at home for years, going nowhere no vacation, not often going to mall, and all I used to do everyday is just browsing internet and stalking people (I don't mean to be ungrateful by the way),,, soo unproductive. This pre-opk stuffs and new student life at ui somehow is refreshing for me. For me, sounds hiperbolic eh for you all ? hehehee

Then the OPK days come, it started the on Friday. I had to adjust with junior thingy again, senior's anger, komdis's loud voice ergh so annoying. Seminars, and et cetera,,,

as the clock shows 1.06 am, I think I'm gonna continue more story about opk feui tomorrow, gonna take my blackberry again, reading the conversation progress gossiping about one of feui students who was kinda controversial,,, curious ? eheheee

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