Saturday, October 2, 2010

quckie updates


well it's been more than a month since my last post. Actually, I'd vomitted some thoughts on this tumblr account.

Academic : campus life is damn fuuun, it's just I'm soo much surrounded by people who are very 'fluent' in economics. I'm taking two english class and I still have no idea why my english speaking ability is decreasing, whether it is because almost-most of the people are able to talk about economiscs in english or because I'm still new on this favorable field, still knows nothing. Accounting class is great for me, the lecturer is the stylish headmaster of HighScope Indonesia, Bu Antarina ;) So far, I shud be honest, that subjects that I'm not really into is statistics -_-

Campus activity : So far I had applied to be one of the committee of Kompek (the biggest economic contest in Indonesia), Music Gallery (sort of indie concert), National Folklore Festival, and FEUI Cup. So glad that I was accpeted in Music Gallery as ticketing division members and kinda bad that kompek rejected me, hahahaaa ;p I've been interviewed by NFF, havent been interviewed yet by FEUI Cup, but I hope that they can accept me ;) Yeaaah, as the university is my last chance to drill myself, to make links, to make friends, to gain experiences, before I finally jump into the real world-dunia kerja ;)


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