Thursday, January 13, 2011

siak-NG madness and my holiday plan

This nite is kinda suitable to post a blog. Why ? because me and my fellow feui friends, as I read on twitter, are now still awake. We are played by SIAK-NG (sistem informasi akademis blablabla-new generation) because we have to wait for mpk seni / olahraga to appear then rebut2an to get into those classes.

Hmm, what to write ? academic stuffs ? okay. I've got my first GPA, and as I didnt set any target on the begiining of the first semester, this result is kinda satisfy me. All hardworks, panics, late-sleeps, tears, are paid off. I chose to not talk about this excessively to my fellow friend, yeah, msut admit that this topic is a sensitive one.

By the way, I'm having a month holiday now. I used to think that this holiday is gonna be a dull one. Fortunately, my auntee offer me to traktir the tiket pesawat ke aceh, as she's going to go to Ache too. Hello kampuung, I'm baack. Lumayan bgt, as the price of tiket pesawat ke Aceh is even more expensive than tiket pesawat to Spore or Malay. And actually, I have to trade off liburan bersama tim bidding-Audi with this liburan pulang kampung ke Aceh. Jarang-jarang soalnya gw ke Aceh.
Excited ! Hopefully I can take good photographs and surely I will post those photos here ;)

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Claza said...

Bener banget rebut-rebutannya ngeselin yaa haha. Salam kenal, Naila ;)