Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Minta Rotiboynya dong"

In this post, instead of writing about "open recruitment" thingy as I have promised to you in last post, I want to write about an ironic thing that I experience when I was on ITC Mangga Dua with my Mom this afternoon.

So,I went to Mangdu with my family this afternoon. Well now we've just reached home. As soon as we arrived there, we decided to separate to buy our own's need. Me went with mom, because we want to buy stationaries and another stuffs at Pasar Pagi first and Brothers were with Dad. After Me and Mom finished buying all of our needs, we went to Rotiboy stall because Mom wanted it. Here, the story begin.

Right after paying for the Rotiboy, me and mom sit on the chair for rotiboy cutomers. Beside us, there's another customer who were almost finished eating the roti. Then, two little kids who were like an unfortunate (beggar) came. Then, without any shyness, they bravely asked like "Minta rotiboynya dong Tante" to that customers. Well, I was very startled seeing this scene. The customers then leave the stall and that kids started opening the paper wrap and then ate the crumbs of that rotiboy. Gosh !

As my rotiboy had not finished yet, me and mom ate the some-kind-of-little-version-of-rotiboy-with-cheese first while waiting for our order. That kids then also came to us and again bravely asked for our rotiboy. Ckckcks. I didnt say anything but my mom said something like "No" I dont remember. How (fill this blanks with adjectives) these kids are ...

Same things happen for another customer. She was paying for the roti and suddenly the kids came to her asked for the rotiboy. This customer didnt give any response to this kids.

The most shocking view was when one of these kids took wrap from a garbage bin. Yes, they did. They took it and searched for crumbs of rotiboy. It was shocking for me.

Yes, these kids didnt beg for mobey on the street. They beg for food But what they did there was just ... well I dont even know what adjective should I use. I kinda mad, angry, yet feel sad seeing this view.
What poverty has given to us.
Well it is not entirely their false, asking for a rotiboy is not a sin either.

But in my opinion, in my eyes, if we just feel pity on them, then give them what they ask for, is a false. If you dont give them does not mean you are such a stingy person. You dont give them doesnt mean you are a ruthless person. Well this is maybe related with sedekah things, but, giving them just not the way to give sedekah.

We'd better not give them the roti and give them some job. However, as I learned on my PE 2 subject, people under 15 is not yet categorized on labor force. And logically, yeah, they dont have to work. All they should do is staying at home, or playing, or studying. But the poverty drives them to do this begging activity. Yeah, I'm mumbling about classic problem.

So, the best action that we can do as good citizen and also 'their family' do is : just not giving them. If we can't solve the poverty as the reason why they do this begging, well it's okay. But we can EDUCATE them by not giving them. Not giving them to educate that this begging activity is not good (If I may not say 'false'). Giving those beggars is not forever good for our society, for our human developement. If people keep letting the kids eat the crumbs of their rotiboy, they will be spoiled. The number of poor kids are not just a few, they will also be the future of this nation. The way they think and act will determine the future of our country. We have the responsilbility of it. So in my opinion, not giving them, if not the best idea, is one thing we could do.

Again, I stress that not giving them doesnt mean you are ruthless, not giving them doesnt mean you dont give sedekah to them. You can give sedekah in another time. Or maybe giving job to the parents of those poor kids will be more useful.

~~~ Ah ! I'm confused, kadang ketika hati nurani, logika, dan keharusan itu bersinggungan dalam otak, jadinya bingung.

Sebaiknya memang dalam post ini gw paparkan realita saja. Miris memang. Mau ngasih, gak bagus untuk pola pikir dan berperilaku mereka. Mau nggak ngasih, ada saatnya kita kenyang dan ingin menghindari makanannya mubazir. Bukan suatu larangan juga anak-anak dari kalangan bawah ini sekedar mencicipi cemilan yang tergolong cukup 'atas' ini. Tidak terlarang dan tidak salah. Tetapi... Tetapi... Tetapi ... Bingung kan gw. Oke, kalau begitu, saran Anda bagaimana ?

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