Thursday, June 2, 2011

Academic Recaps and Liz Lemon

Sunny holiday morning ! perfect time to write a blogpost eh ? I had just nganterin my mamaa ke pasar and giant. Writing some stuffs about my academic things would be, fuuuun -_- ? Besides now I'm having my holiday, starting last tuesday.

Academic thing ? hmmppppfff. I had succesfully booked a seat for semester pendek. Finance, Marketing, and Bussiness law. The semester pendek itself will start next week on Monday. Hope everything will went well and I can study well and do all routinities well.

Speaking about this kond of stuff, what I want to stress here is that final exam for this second semester had just finished last monday. A perfect dessert we had got. Purrrrrfect combination that you can imagine. Statistic 1 featuring Introductory Accounting ! HA ! this has been a big issue since the exam schedule was published. Aaaaaaallllll the 2010 batch keep mumbling about this. How was it going ? For me, it was dissapointing =( I could said that alhamdulillah I could do the statistic test (tapi ngasal, gatau ya bener atau salah). On the contrary, accounting exam went juuuust bad. I forgot how to make statement of cashflow from financing and investing activities, I was clueless about how to record the sales of bonds, I didn't even ngafalin types of financial statement analysis. Bad.

I came out from the room with, what should I say, a very demotivated expression and emotional condition. Not that I'm a perfectionist. But since entered FEUI, I hate it when I received the exam paper and I had no idea how to answer it. Types of question of exam in campus requires us to know the whole materials and understand the concept. Besides, we surely need a plenty of time to understand the whole things. But we do have constraints : limited time, another subjects, pengajaran yang kurang maksimal oleh dosen, etc.

Back to my accounting exam, yes I admit I did not practice very much. I used to practiced a lot before the midterm exam, I was in my good condition, I was very passionate with every materials in this accounting subject. What did I get ? the result was dissapointing compared to my own efforts. From then on, I suffered the demotivation period. I'm careless about those bonds stuffs, cashflows, and amalysis. When I got my motivation back again some weeks before the exam, another subjects needs my attention of course. I had not understood microeconomics, I had to work on MKDB and statistics assignments, and so on. Consequently, I did not study accounting that much. I do spent my times with my friends studying accounting on the new UI library that is very cool and boost the studying mood for all UI students, but it was not enough.

This thing lead me, an accounting college student of FEUI, to a conclusion : in learning accounting, even understanding every little details is not enough without enough practicing ;)

So then, how about another subjects ?
Introductory to microeconomics : it amazes me that the process for me to understand the whole concept was not as difficult as usual. I used Mankiw and the book made me understand the concept. You know, Parkin's little-sized words and languages could boost demotivation mood sometimes, haha.
Management : it has always amazed me everytime I spent times on this class. Either listening to the lecturer or writing and creating the mindmaps. How the materials is very close with the reality. Maybe many would think that this subjects is yaa-yaa. But I kinda love it, how I relate every single materials of that subject to my real life. Very detail, Omigooosh -_- and how was the exam ? yaa yaa yaa, creative writing hahahaa
MKDB or Metode Kuantitatif dalam Bisnis : speechless
MPK Bahasa Inggris : let's pray. It was very exhausting.
MPK Agama Islam : Bismillah
MPK Seni Karawitan Jawa : I got to play the Saron Demung, not that difficult compared to Bonang, wohooo
Lab Bahasa Inggris : I hope I chose the right answer. The sound system was not that good this time


You know what ? Now I really need a high dose of 30 rock serials, I have to go to lapak dvd bajakan as soon as possible to buy that serial. Sometimes I feel that the character of Liz Lemon is so me. Suka panik sendiri, suka rempong sendiri, labil, longing for men, keceplosan, etc. Not to mention another characters in this sitcoms that often drive Liz insane errrgggh. I love to watch this sitcom. Oh ya, I forgot to tell that I was very demotivated with the accounting exam I even tweeted
"See ya next year, pa2. Teman2 semoga ga ada yg sekelas ama gw ya pas ngulang. *realistis bukan hiperbolis*"

"Lessons learned : definisi balance itu berbeda u/ tiap org. Inget kata2 pak Chatib : Kalo semua hal serba baik blm tentu hasilnya baik."

*crossing fingers, yang diatas jangan diaminkan*
Ah, labil lebai lo Nai, kaya Liz Lemon.

One more thing, couple of days before the final exam finished, crossed in my mind the thought that I think I do not deserve a holiday since I enter FEUI (I forgot about my vacation last holiday), in fact, now, I think I deserve it ! hahahahahhh. I forgot the enjoyment being the old me, total potato couch wahahahaaa ;p

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