Sunday, July 3, 2011


This friendly sunday pushes me to do this blogging thingy. Dad and Rafi are on Aceh, Kemal is on Bali, so mom and I are the tahanan kota. I'm having this semester pendek and Mom has to do her work. I don't go to Bintaro house this weekend, my Mom spends the weekend here in rumah Depok instead. This morning I do the habitual weekend stuff, driving mom and Andung to pasar. Now I'm in front of the laptop, having a nice chat withone of high school pals, Nadhila. Such a nice chat. Long time no see and we're planning to go to malls. Sounds simple eh ? but FYI, I havent been to malls since eeergghhh months ago (margo city is exceptional). So yeah, and we talked about our friends who finally get her dream major on university, the other one who was just jadian, etc.

This chat leads me to memories. While I was still in highschool. Dreaming. Doing efforts to reach dreams. laughs. moments. tears. Damn I was so naive back then ;/ hahahaha. Now everyone of us is living our own dream. How does it feel ? challenges are coming ahead. Some stuffs had been surpassed. Are we mature enough to face the real world (dunia kerja) ? ergh not yet. Let's enjoy this college time, fulfill the moments, live to the fullest, be individualistic (kidding, or at least in positive way), reach our dream, etc. Omigosh, I need holiday ;/ Being such a planner is fun but sometimes is yuck, I mean, tiring. Sometimes. Having holiday, rejuvenating, would be such a good idea. Hahahaaaa

Anyway, I'm enjoying my semester pendek. I love mata kuliah financial management. I was a bit confused about what studying style that is suitable for this matkul. But as the time goes by, I already get the 'rythm' ;). It is funny that I kept thinking, how GREY I AM, AS GREY AS MAKARA FEUI. I used to be IPA student, During that times I was very ke-ips2an. The only IPA subject that I loved most was fisika. Now I'm studying the economics field, let's say now I'm anak IPS. It turns out that I am social student that ke-ipa2an ;O I'm enjoying mata kuliah hitung2an so much like this financial management and I find it hard at mata kuliah hafal2an -_-. But still, I love it aaaaallllll ;))))))

Awkay, what now ? I think I'd rather doing my tasks. Non-academic thingy. Thanks for reading fellas !
*actually I was thinking about share my thoughts about "people's preference and orientation" maybe next time better eh*

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