Thursday, September 8, 2011

Semester 3 : academic & non

Feels like I'm on the mood for blogging. Here I am, at Depok, already back from Bintaro, there are three days left of holiday. I'm back early to Depok because there are stuffs I have to do. From overseeing my mentee opk's work, to making plans for the third semester. Don't forget I have to manage the kepanitiaan's stuffs and thingies, I did not imagine that being superordinate has to be this super-detail-oriented ;') no probs, I enjoy it. The problem is, well I have not prepared the notebooks. I have not bought new binder. Silly eh ? here's the thing. I'm such a conservative person when it comes to stuffs like this. I need to write on the real paper, using pencil/pen/etc. Organizing everything via gadgets has not been able to stick those kepanitiaan stuffs on my mind, yet. Ehehee.

Okay, semester three. It took me quite a long moment to think about the plan. There are some conditions that -allows- me to change plan that I ever think about, last semester. In academic life, some changes in departemen manajemen -let- me to just take 17 credits, actually I planned to take 20 credits this semester. Not that because I think I'm able to conquer all the subjects of course, hahaha. In the other side, at least it has plus points. InsyaAllah I can be deeply serious in understanding those-so-called-hard-subjects : cost accounting and financial accounting. I can also use my spare time to sharpen my understanding about all subjects I take. Oh, maybe I will be able to give some attention to subjects like Koperasi dll, you know, subjects that allows us to gain A sometimes get lack of attention from me, my bad ;s

In nonacademic life, of course I will still do my duty at bem feui wholeheartedly, eheheee. I don't know, maybe it's nature's work that people don't belong single places to every places they are in. Alhamdulillah so I far I feel happy working here. What about kepanitiaan ? Well, KMEI will take my attention beyond I imagined. No probs, let's consider it as a challenge, how we do it detail-ly and wholeheartedly regardless what-we-think-etc-okay-I-dunno-what-to-write-this-is-ambiguous." NFF team will face bidding myabe next week. My whole jobs here will be on the next semester, now I have not prepared the detailed details, I'm kinda excited to do it, that is what I planned to do these following days. Semangat Naiiiii !

Well, that is some of the plan. Hap Hap Hap bismillah Ya Allah 0=) I hope everything goes well amiiin 0=)

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