Saturday, May 19, 2012


Eh, I kinda realized
After a long hiatus, I start to blog again
I don't know whether I can keep or handle this statement or not
Right now I'm enjoying blogging
"I don't blog to impress, or at least no longer to. I blog to capture memories. To remind me what I've been dreaming, liking, doing. What have I accomplished. I blog to capture my happiness over something then make it as memorabilia, at least. Like a camera capturing your happy moments then transformed to be a photo. To catch my galau-ness. This is me. This is the way I write. I write long post. I write mostly in long sentence. Whenever I want to be cheesy, I write that way. Whenever I'm on the mood to be contemplative and deep, I write that way"

This is me. Got any problem with that ? :)

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