Sunday, June 10, 2012

If I were given unlimited space in "About me-description" on Social Media, I would have written

A family person
Not a book person
Not a milk person
Watch 30rock instead of those mainstream tv shows
A newbie makeup junkie
Loves counting
An accounting student who enjoys her study so much
Interested in finance
Because she loves numbers
she loves counting
Your future corporate slave
Currently do the talk
while do the calc
Willing to do the calc someday, in order to get the red sole
Into social when she was an eksakta student
Into eksakta when she's now trapped in social studies
Thought that she has excellent ability in stalking, just like everybody else thinks about themselves
Your everyday mediocre
Self centered
Believes that at least people should have DREAMS
Because dreams is what keeps her going on
Because having dreams is what makes it's okay for her to befriend with her mediocrity
A hardcore planner
An executor in training
Not a perfectionist, just ensure that everything goes as it should be
Used to watch MTV when the other kids watch cartoons

More to come

ME ;)

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